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One step closer now x

Hello - another newbie here! well hopefully Im a newbie, been to the docs today and handed in my LL form and had blood pressure and pulse rate taken, get forms back tue/wed, get them to councilor asap and then looking to start the group at the end of the month, so fingers crossed or me.

A little about me,
Im 25, engaged, and an infant teacher, I started SW in feb last year and lost almost 3 and a half stone in 7 months and then just kinda stopped following the plan. Since then Ive put on about a stone and a half, so Im currently 16 and a half stone and fed up! Im being a bridesmaid in august for my best friend and i have the dress, which may i add is no where near fitting, so I gotta do it this time, wish me luck.

Any advice or tips before I start will be greatly welcomed xxx
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Hello, i also came from slimming world and although its good i found it just takes to long. I got my first set of packs last night and so far today im doing ok, had porridge for brekkie and soup for lunch, not really feeling too hungry yet and hopefully i wont, i dont really have many tips as of yet because i have just started but good luck in starting your journey and i bet you'll look great in the dress!! :)

Just keep your eyes on the ball and you'll be there in no time.
Thanks KG. Have you ever tried a meal replacement diet before? Ive not and Im nervous that I wont be able to hack it - but im going to give it my best shot. When I started SW I tried whole heartedly and got good results (6ld first week, 4lb second week) so I know I can do stuff when I put my mind to it.

How much do you want to lose? x
I havent done a meal replacement before and its scary thinking about not eating for so long :( but i am in the right frame of mind right now and i no i have to do it as i have tried every other diet. It will work if i follow it, for this little time in my life its not a hard price to pay to be happy then on after, thats how i see it.

In an ideal world i would like to be 10stone :eek: but i will be happy with around 12, i just want to be more healthy and comfertable so i will aim for a 6-7stone loss and see how i go after that.

What about u, how much u looking to lose?


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I also did the same as you. I lost 3 n half stone on slimming world which took me 2 years (lots of cheating!!!) I was even going to become a SW Consultant.

My sister was doing LL and by the time I had done my research come round to the idea of me doing it, I had to wait 2 months to start in which time I put 2 stone back on :cry:

I would advise to cut down on the carbs before starting as this will help the withdrawal syptoms.

Come on here at every opportunity for distraction, motivation, friendship. Everything.

I would advise sticking to the plan 100% as once you lapse once it is really hard not to do it again (speaking from experience).

Enjoy it, it's the best thing you will ever do for yourself.

If you need anything feel free to ask.

Good luck in your journey x x
Id like to lose around four and a half stone ish, although more would be a bonus lol! I know its the same as how longs a piece of string, but how long will that take?! Yer like you KG Im looking at it as a small price to pay for a goal that Im so desperate for. Yer thanks Becky, I think I'll be on here a lot, I loved the SW part of the forum although Ive not been on as much recently as Ive not been following the diet so I felt a bit of a fraud going on and offering advice. thats good bout cutting down on carbs, cos I dont eat carbs really, was always a SW red gal xxx

I was too supposed to start the end of April but i got a email saying i could start on tuesday!! Im really excited so im going to lay of the carbs in preperation!! Good luck hun
brill - no wonder you're excited, Im excited already and dont have a start date yet. When did you send your form in? Im not too far from you Charlie or you Bex, I live near York. xxx


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Hi Newbies

Have a look at people's sigs for an idea of how fast the weight drops off on LL, if you stick to the plan. I think for ladies you're virtually Guaranteed to lose 3 stone in th einitial 14 week period, and almost everyone seems to manage that. After then it's up to you how long you stay on the plan.

You will find however that it becomes addictive, with the rapid losses continually spurring you on and the time passes in teh blink of an eye.

Also the f##d replacement element really helps most people as it gives you chance to work out your issues with f##d without it distracting you. The packs are pretty good IMHO, but you'll no doubt prefer some to others.

The best thing about the VLCD is that once in ketosis you stop feeling hungry, so really is VERY easy. But good idea to reduce the carbs before you start as this will help mitigate any withdrawl symptoms.

Good luck on the journey.
thanks sean and wow, well done, you look like two different people in your signature pics! Three stone in just over three months would be lovely, but as you say I can see it getting addictive. I just hope that I can stick to it! x
well ive just been to the docs and collected my signed LL form, so am goin to pop it through to the consultant later on today, then she said she'll send it to LL HQ and they a ok it (cant see why they wouldnt) and then hopefully start at the end of the month. I cant wait! A couple of questions - do you go have to go to your docs to get BP and PR checked? if so how often? any one got any recomendations on the soups/shakes/bars although I know its down to personal preference and taste (am i right in thinking you cant have the bars initially?) xxx


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Hi Vix,

Great to hear you got your form sorted.

You need to have your BP and PR checked every 4 weeks. You can get it done at pharmacies as well as yours docs. I go to my local Asda and they have a pharmacy and are lovely. Some might not though as they might have their own kind of diet thing going on.

At the moment I am veryb much in a routine, porridge for breakfast, chicken soup for lunch and then hot vanilla shake with coffe (like a latte!) with a peanut bar. The peanut bars are absolutely moorish. Sometimes I have it in 2 halves to fill me up more.

It really is the best diet I have come across.

Good luck on your journey x
hey, thanks for the prompt reply becky. so if i go to my surgery and do my own BP and PR using th little machine thingy that gives you a print out is that ok? do you have four things every day then? is that the same for everyone? xxx


is loving CWP xx
No it has to be a person that does it and they have to stamp the form as well. I found it a bit wierd asking the pharmacy to do it but they have done it the last 3 times now and ask me how things are going.

Yep everyone has 4 packs although in the first week you can only have soups and shakes. Bars have to wait until week 2 I'm afraid. Don't worry though, I'm sure it will fly by.


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Yes, four parts (soup or shake or a bar) a day. You have to wait a week for the bars though and you can only have one a day, too high in the cals and carbs to have moore.

Mind you, I think if they managed to address that high cals and carbs problem and bring them down in line with the shakes and soups, most people would be having 4 a day!! (They aren't too much higher than the other stuff!!)
thanks you two! dont think i have any more questions for now lol xxx
Hi Rainbow, you have certainly made the right choice in starting LL, 100% motivation will guarantee 100% success, most people lose an average of 1 stone per month. I agree with the others it is very addictive and the weeks fly by and before you realise you have finished foundation. The end of April will be here before you know it, good luck
Thanks, you've done very well medhurst, well done you x


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Hey Rainbow - welcome :)
I'm nearly 2 weeks in and feel like I am flying with this diet now - can almost see the pounds melting off every day and I feel much healthier on this plan than I ever did on WW or SW. I can't wait to see how much I have lost by weigh in on Thursday and I'm sure that will spur me on.
There's lots of newbies on the April Starters thread if you fancy saying hi :)

Loula xxx

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