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  1. magicmoy

    magicmoy New Member

    Hi everyone,

    After spending the last week or so reading everyone's fantastic success stories on these threads i think i am finally ready to start lipotrim!!! Just a quick question and i think it might sound a bit daft but can you obviously see the weight you have lost say even after 6-8 weeks? I just have this fear that all the weight will be just water and you wont be able to see the weight loss. That sounds silly i know but im now so desperate to lose some weight it's almost scaring me that lipotrim might actually work and work almost immediately :)

    Please let me know i'd love some of your advice :)

    Moy x [/FONT]
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  3. Catt

    Catt Silver Member

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    Hiya and welcome,

    No question is silly. As far as noticing weight loss everyone is different. It will depend on how much you have to lose and your overall shape, size and height. I am on my 4th week and have lost 17lbs and lots of people have noticed and commented.

    You will go into a state of semi starvation (ketosis) which will mean you are burning off mostly fat not water content. I would guarantee if you follow LT to the letter and drink plenty of water it will work for you and you will notice a big difference in 6 weeks.

    Good Luck x
  4. Niamh

    Niamh Full Member

    Hi hun,

    The simple answer is YES!!!

    I am on LT for almost 5 weeks. When I started I was squeesed into a size 20. I now am a comfortable size 18 can fit into a 16 but a bit tight yet. The biggest difference is in my face and my tummy. My boobs and tummy were more or less the same size but now the upper part of my tummy has shrunk and i actually have a shape now as opposed to just being round.
    I have had loads of comments on how great I look! I still have a long way to go but the thing I love about LT is how fast you SEE results.
    Hope this helps hun. Best of luck on LT!

  5. exiguous

    exiguous Silver Member

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    Oh my gosh Niamh well done!! more than 2 stone in 4 weeks thats incredible! I hope you go all the way
  6. Zenaworrier

    Zenaworrier Back to reality!

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    Hey hun,
    Most definitely! I have gone from a size 16- 12 in 5 weeks! If your worried about it I suggest taking of photos of yourself when you start and also measuring yourself. This has kept me going when your feeling down. I have lost a total of 21 inches of various places!
    As others have mentioned it also depends on your starting size and weight.
    Good luck with it all> make sure you keep us updated!
    T x
  7. crunchyfrog

    crunchyfrog Eyes on the Prize!!

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    You can see a difference after a week! But it is what you feel that you will notice more than anything. When you have enough posts under your belt your user privilages on Minimins will let you see peoples pictures in their posts and you will be able to see the difference.

    I've just added a couple more but my album shows before and what I looked like a few weeks later. I don't recognise myself!!

    Take some before and after photo's, it really will help. Take one a week and you can then compare. It really is incredible and it will be the best motivation for you!!

    I wish I had done the week on week pic.
  8. misskyneston

    misskyneston Full Member

    Ive only been on LT for just under a week and already im starting to notice my stomach is a little less plump than it used to be! : )

    Im liking the idea of a weekly photo! That will help keep motivated when the weightloss starts to slow!
  9. Nicci-

    Nicci- Member

    This may sound silly but I've only been on Lipotrim for 3 days and just popped into work today and was told my face had changed! They don't even know I'm dieting! wooo, so I think the results will be quick and noticeable

  10. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Hi and welcome Moy.

    On week 4 now and already it's noticeable. I've lost a lot off my face and chin(s) which is fantastic. The photo idea is a brilliant idea, I did it last time and the pics are great to look back at.

    Good luck, you can do this!
  11. malevolentnuzzler87

    malevolentnuzzler87 Full Member

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    Dukan Diet

    My work friend noticed a change after 5 days! Said my face looked alot thinner.

    Also I was given some really nice trousers before I started the diet which I couldnt fit in at all... day 6 and im wearing them while typing to you!! :D Have lost about 12lbs so far in 6 days with no exercise
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