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One week down....

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and in hindsight, it wasn't difficult at all! But does anyone else work from home and live alone? In one way it makes this a whole lot easier, but taking away the socialising part of life - like drinks and meals out with friends - actually makes this too isolated and so difficult emotionally. So, am taking it one day at a time, and you know, sometimes a mild deviation from something this rigid makes it possible to continue for the long haul. Not being lax in any way, but am going to try to make the ss section of this something that I can actually live with, and not something I have to hide myself away to do.

Does this ring any bells with anyone else out there? :wave_cry:
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Well not the same but I was on CD a week then off work cick for 4 weeks so I understand where you are coming from !!!

I am not socialising, ie, out of meals or drinks until I am happy with myself, it's a choice I have made. I do go out with the family tho, have been to McD's and ice cream parlour and just had a cup of tea !

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It's a much better idea to get out there and still live your life as much as you can. Just have to get used to drinking water instead of alcohol and arrange socialising away from food. If you hide yourself away it's a very lonely place. Of course we are all different. If you've had a great week 1 then keep thinking positive and not when you are gonna go off plan. Make the most of staying on plan while you are in the right frame of mind.

Well done tho :) x
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I try and keep socializing to a minimum while im going through this diet. As im quite young and so are my friends, who arent the most understanding when it comes to this and when im out, i often find myself being constantly asked why im not drinking or eating over n over.... and it gets tiresome. Using the "i have the car excuse" or "im on antibiotics excuse" can only be used so many times :)
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Hi! Im starting the Cambridge SS diet tmrw and one of my worries is the socialising aspect but then I think of all the money I'll save going out and drinking tap water instead of wine ;-)
Seriously though, good luck xxx


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You are absolutely right that this diet can be isolating and tbh, I've deliberately chosen a time when I can be alone a lot of the time to get on with it.
My hubby is away for at least the next 6 weeks and I only have one 17 year old son at home (well, he sleeps, eats and creates washing here if that counts!) And I've recently moved to an area where I know relatively few people, so its easy for me to just get on with it.

Hence the first week has been easy, I keep in touch by phone with my friends so they don't have to know that I'm not eating. Only my sister, and EVERYONE on this site knows what I'm doing.

It's my first weigh in tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing the results of my efforts this week!

My advice is that if you are going to socialise, plan ahead

* If food is unavoidable and in a restaurant, telephone and order lean protein and steamed veg, in my experience they're more than happy to accomodate, after all you're paying!

*Offer to drive there and back, give lifts if this makes the option easier, then you won't be tempted to drink alcohol!
*Refuse pudding... say you're full, or admit that you're trying to lose weight and pud would be a slippery slope!

You don't have to lock yourself away in order to lose weight, but you do have to plan and manage social situations more carefully that's all!
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Hi foof

To be honest I could have written your post myself! I typically arrange to meet people for coffee, then go to the gym or what not to keep busy. This is my second time round on CD ss and it has never stopped me and I found when I suggested meeting up to go for coffee or cinema it was a welcome break from the pub! My old job involved going out for dinner lots. I have lots of food intolerances so I played these up and had coffee, when friends went out for dinner I would meet them for coffee - telling them I had an important presentation/meeting to plan for first! This seemed to work and of course they were all happy cos they had a lift home lol
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Thank you everyone....

Thanks everybody! You are all SO much better than I am!! I do sometimes just think "screw it!" and have a gin and slim. Actually doesn't kill me and I don't feel so cheated. First week WI was 11lbs down. Hope I'll be able to say the same next week! But really, truly appreciate all your support. You are all just great. Thank you!

I live alone and also work from home, so understand exactly what you mean. I used to go out most evenings to the pub or out for food, and lately I sit around watching TV or cleaning (!) instead. Last year I did a VLCD and didn't go out at all, but this time I am going to just tell people why I'm not eating. I went to a party the other day and didn't eat or drink and coped OK, I felt quite smug actually! And have another planned for this week. Everyone I have told so far has been quite supportive. One bloke said 'oh that's stupid, that's unhealthy, that's ridiculous' and I just told him to F off and that it was my body! I never liked him much anyway ;)

I expect I'll be going to the cinema with friends, rather than out for meals though :p
S: 14st3lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 26.4 Loss: 1st6lb(10.05%)
How are you doing? Do you look like Kylie yet? (o;

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