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One week on SF and i am liking it!

Hiya everyone,
I started on the SF eating plan last Sunday and apart from having a slight hiccup on Friday evening its going very well.
I have struggled with my weight since finishing uni seven years ago and have tried several other diets in this time. Although there was a significant weight loss the side effects and cost out weighed the benifits and the weight came back on as quickly as it came off.
Now is the turning point for me..... I turn thirty this year and i just want to be happy and healthy! I would love to fit into a pair of size 12 jeans again. But an even bigger achievement for me would be to be able to look in the mirror and like me again.
So i am taking this one day at a time.... as they say slow and steady wins the race.
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I definately agree that slow and steady wins the race. I've been calorie counting/ using slimfast for just under 5 months now and am 4lb off loosing 4 stone. Hopefully this way is more of a change in lifestyle and i'll be able to maintain. :):)
Thats fantastic!!!!.....
I agree with you, this is a change of lifestyle. Today i went for a walk with my other half. We ended up walking four miles. But i must remember not to drink three pints of water before leaving the house. We had to stop off at two local pubs twice but we were good and did not stop for a glass of vino!


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You're going great guns Kas and George! :D:D:D

Well done and keep going folks,

Isis x :)


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Hey Geogre, welcome to the forum. I look forward to talking to you in the future x
It's great to be able to chat with others about "dieting". Alot of people seem to be very sceptical about SF. To be honest I'm feeling great. It's a two pound loss this week but I don't feel bloated and my skin is really clear. They say it takes six weeks to get into a habit so I know that I've still got some testing times to come.... But feeling this good, I say bring it on!


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Hi George, welcome to the forum and to Slimfast - good luck wiuth your journey xx


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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your first loss. I've also found I'm no longer bloated, I lost 6cm off my waist this week:eek:
You sound like you have a really healthy attitude to weightloss, good luck with your goals.
Aaaarrrggghh I've hit my first low point! It's totm and it seems to be early. I also don't seem to have my other symptoms except feeling a little tearful, which is a huge bonus that I will untill proved otherwise put down to this healthy eating malarkey! I also awoke having a craving for marmite on toast which I am going to have as a snack for my elevensis. Today I had breakfast in bed. I had a cafe latte shake which the OH made for me.... He even presented it on a tray.... But no rose lol
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Cupcake George; I had a cafe latte shake which the OH made for me.... He even presented it on a tray.... But no rose lol[/QUOTE said:
hi. its my first day today. that is so sweet. did he make it up right? :8855:

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