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One year at Target!!!


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Thread title says it all - I've actually managed to stay at target for a year :D

Amazing!! SW really is a plan for life, as long as you stick with it when you do get to target and keep on watching what you eat, it can be done.

I know I'm blowing my own trumpet a bit but I've never ever even got to target before let alone stayed there for a year so am pretty happy with myself ( and still shocked when I look in the mirror at times! )

So, for all those of you starting out, or approaching target, or half way there - it can be done and believe me guys, it's a b****y great feeling so stick with it!!!
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I will succeed!!!
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Hell - don't worry about blowing your own trumpet - you SHOULD!!! You've done amazingly well and a year at T is awesome.

What's more, you didn't reach T and then walk away and work to keeping it going, you're still here and what's more - you're helping others to achieve their goals too by giving advice and comfort (and praise) where and as is needed.

You're inspitational and proof that SW works and is something that can keep us at T and become part of our life. Not a faddy diet at all.

So THANK YOU for being here still, helping us all and showing us the way :) xxxxxx


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that is fantastic hun. do you still follow the plan strictly when you are maintaining? xx


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
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well done lovely jaylou XXXXX wish you many years at target to come


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Fantastic and just shows me on SW it really can be done xxxx
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As mentioned above, you should blow that trumpet loudly! You've done amazingly well and you are an inspiration to all of us :) Very well done hunny x


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Well done. I've lost weight ove the years and the problem I've had is Keeping it off, so I think your bl**dy marvellous for staying at target for a year. xxx


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What a lovely post to read this morning! That has really brightened my day and given me the motivation to get to my target! Thank you jaylou! x


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Yeahhhh well done jaylou, so you should be very proud, and i cant wait to get there one day dunno when hahaha, but i always listen to your advice and thanks again :D

think i covered good ones there

well done again
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Happy Target Anniversary! You know I think you're fab and have worked hard to get where you are...so trumpet blowing is totally permitted.


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Love that pic Hellie! LOL!

You're amazing Jay! What an inspiration!

Scarlet Daisy

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Brilliant stuff, very inspirational! Plus you're always helpful and nice.


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fantastic, it's great that you still come on here giving advice and supporting the rest of us who are all on our journeys.
You have made your journey and are staying there. I know how easy it is to slip back into bad habits ( yo yo dieted for years) so well done you, and hope you have many years at target:)


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that is fantastic hun. do you still follow the plan strictly when you are maintaining? xx
I still follow the plan, but not strictly, I have flexie days and extra bits and bobs each day but I always make sure my meals fit the plan and I still go to class every week. In over 2 years I have never ever missed a week unless I have been on holiday. It keeps me focussed and keeps the weight off!

It's hard work - if I put on it's very difficult to shift it again, I have to cut right back to basics to lose a pound these days but it is so worth it!

SW is for life for me! :D


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Congratulations and well done:flowers::flowers::flowers::happy096:


Love Mini xxx

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