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Onions & Pickled Gherkins?


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Onions are not allowed on AAM or 790 plans, so I'm sure the pickled ones are no no. Not sure about Gherkins.



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My 13 year old informs me that the pickled gerkiny things in big Mac's are put there to make you crave junk food....although I would prefer to eat the gerkin and chuck ther burger. I don't know where he got this info from but the little sod has an irritating habit of being right.....unlike his mother who just thinks she is always right. So to be on the safe side I would avoid them
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Although I know pickled onions are not on AAM on CD, I've had them every AAM throughout the whole time I've followed the diet. It doesn't mean you will be ok having them though, but, if you are going to be doing this diet for months and months and having the odd onion helps you,.. well... I'd say talk to your CDC about it and seek her counsel. I was delighted when mine said if having a pickled onion every now and again made it bearable then to go for it. Don't have a clue about the gherkins though - sorry! Good luck with your weight loss journey :D
Thanks guys.Apols for taking so long to reply - I'm on hols at the moment so don't have as much access to the internet :) I might leave the gherkins and onions for now. Better to be safe than sorry ! Thanks again.


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You are allowed pickled cabbage but beware I opened a huge jar during my AAM week and couldn't stop at the 2 tablespoons. My stools were decidedly pink afterwoods.

Decided I needed to leave out the pickles after that on AAM as too tempting.

Dizzy x


Cambridge Counsellor
Onions aren't allowed because of their carb content. But the gherkins are OK.

However - I know from experience that it's probably better to go for the gherkins that are not in sweet vinegar. The added sugar in the vinegar really messes my weight loss up. So you'll be better off with gherkins that come in vinegar without sugar added.

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