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only 1st 10lb down but i can see the difference. can you ?????

keep going, your doing great :D


Is so very nearly there!
I cant view - says that I aint got permission :(

WD on loss tho hun! x
says I can't view either...

are we naughty girls then??? or is this to do with posts too....you have over 200 posts Claire.

not sure why we can't see, but well done on your w.loss so far, bet you feel GREAT.

dont know why sum cant view. lol. its been an odd journey with a lot of ups and downs but i'm on the band waggon and have learned to stop moaning and get on with it now. its only me that can make that difference and i really want 2 do it now. thanks for the comments ladies. u all are doing so well. every1 on here is an inspiration xxx
yay it worked for me today :D

you really can see a difference. I bet you feel great. It's great when you can see the diet working, it helps spur us on. Just think hun, you're gonna be posting more photys soon and you're gonna look even slimmer.... it won't be long :D

I'm not brave enough to post my before piccies yet.... when I lose some weight I won't mind as much.

You're doing great Janine.

xx jo xx
thanks ladies. well i cant wait 2 see ur pics jo. i hope u feel like u can show us soon. i'm still not happy with the way i look. got a long way 2 go but it does help to see a difference even if it is only a small one. gonna push for 3st then and hope i change again. lol
Ive commented on one of pics but will say it on here too, yes you can defo tell a big difference. You say bout pushing for three stone - Id say go, go, go for it, after losing three stone I have noticed such a massive difference and Im sure you will too xx

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