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Only 2lb weight loss on ss...... help

Hey you shouldn't be disappointed with that but it's understandable after bigger losses. You have to look at what you've lost altogether in a short time - you couldn't have done that on any other diet! I'm sure the losses will pick up again. Well done on what you've lost so far, stick with it.
2lbs is a good loss for a week.

Doing cardio, especially that much cardio, can actually make you lose less while on a VLCD, as I've found out in the last few weeks (I've had 6 weeks of losing 1-3lbs. then last week I stayed the same).

Also, you will just naturally get weeks with lower losses, the human body cannot indefinately sustain losses of 5+lbs a week, it is too much for it to take.

Just keep your head down, and remember that you will lose weight if you stick to it, it's just a matter of time :

Purple Hugs

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have matched your 2lb loss this week :) Don't be down! The scales are mean sometimes. I agree with all the advice above too! :)

Just stick to plan and reap the rewards next week :)
Thanks! You might have lost 2lbs on ww but the average is 1-2lbs a week so 2lbs on ww would be a good week. I'm not good with the calorie counting anyway always end up sneaking in extra food so this is far better for me. Keep with it, I'm sure you'll see better losses.


Angelic Fruitcake
I had a 2lb loss this week as well there must be something in the air lol. But don't worry everyone has weeks where the losses are low or they STS. Just keep up what your doing and try to see every loss as a happy thing no matter ho big all small. I always tell myself I can't can't complain as long as the scales are moving in the right direction xxx
perfect attitude emmie!
any loss is a good loss, and is certianly better than a gain! :D

lotstolose said:
I lost 9lb last week and 2.5 this week. NO cheating. Fed up. Feel the same as you, I am flipping starving myself for 2LB........???????
you're only starving yourself if you think of it that way - it's a compeltely mental thing. In actuality, you are getting better nutrion now than you were all those years you were gaining weight, but since you have lost your comfort foods you don't feel like it.

That's the catch 22 with dieting, even one where the weight comes off so quickly; you only appreciate just how quick it goes once it is actually gone!
I always tell my clients not to dwell too much on weekly losses as they will inevitably vary, but to average them out over a month. It's only then you can really appreciate how successful this diet is :)

I know from seeing literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of people since I began working as a CDC that the body can do some weird and wonderful things. You can do exactly the same thing week in, week out yet you'll experience different amounts of weightloss on a weekly basis - apparently for no particular reason. I never have any 'clever' answers to give my clients when they've had a lower loss one week except to say that it happens to everyone .. and it does!

Just stick with it, trust the diet and remember that you'd have to be a medical miracle not to lose weight on a VLCD .. IF you stick to it!

You've had an amazing loss so far so just keep up the good work :D


Angelic Fruitcake
Thanks pete xxx
too true Pete. Thanks for the pep talk to us disappointed ones! I am feeling more positive this morning, yesterday was weigh in etc. Trying to get through friday night with a husband drinking wine next to me!!!!!


Stubborn tortoise
Pete, Emmie & Summerskye have this sussed... you have to take the overall weight loss. I make yours to be 17lbs in 4 weeks (sorry if I got it wrong, maths not my strong point!). Sorry, but very few people could achieve this on ww... it's an awesome loss and you need to adjust your attitude so that you are motivated to carry on, not to feel devastated because this weeks loss is not a huge one.

After the first week, my losses were slow in comparison to many other people, but after three and a half months I have lost 3 stone and that is BRILLIANT for me. I'd never have lost it if I'd been discouraged by the week I lost 1 or 2 lbs, or stayed the same. You have to see the bigger picture if you want to get to the smaller (slimmer) one. Hang on in there, you can do it!

well after spitting my dummy out over my 2lb loss, I have just accepted it and have become more determined than ever. Just bought a pair of size 14 jeans and feeling quite giddy- might wear them inside out so people can see the size!!!!