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  1. luckyloser

    luckyloser Hate it but doing it!

    Hi everyone,
    this is only a hypothetical question i promise.
    I'm doing better than i was at the beginning of the week when i was having a bit of a wobbly time, the recipies have been an absolute god send, ok my banana muffins keep coming out like hockey pucks but after a swap over from my usual banana and vanilla milkshakes the chicken crisps with a bit of salt are AMAZING!!!!
    But, bearing in mind my diet was so atrocious before i started would there be any harm caused if we were to have 3 packs a day instead of 4?? Would this speed up the weight loss at all??
    I'm only asking so please don't shoot me. :whoopass:
    I think i'm starting to get a bit obsessive about it now as i've changed my end ideal weight a few times now.
    I can't help but be a bit excited about how it's going and would like to speed it up as much as i can. I can't keep doing the excercise as i had a moment when i nearly passed out at a Pilates lesson after doing a lot of walking beforehand.
    Is it right that the more water you drink the more nastiness you're flushing from your system??
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  3. Dancing

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    you are more likely to slow it down by cutting out a pack. Your body needs a certain amount of nutrients and vitamins and carbs (for the brain) each day in order to stop it going completely into starvation mode (survival mode and using more muscle mass for energy ie destroying your muscle) and in order to function correctly. If it were ok to have three packs, that would be what is on offer to us. there is alot of research that has gone into VLCDs - they know what they are doing. You will be doing yourself harm by cutting out a pack. Think about how many calories you would be saving - it really wouldn't speed up your weight loss (3,500 cal per pound and a pack has how many - 150??) so 23 packs (3,500 divided by 150) would be 1 lb lost. EXCEPT it wouldn't be, as your body will go into starvation control.

    It may be a hypothetical question but you must have been considering doing it as you say you want to speed up your weight loss. Hope this helps persuade you not to put the hypothetical question into practice.

    What week are you in? is it your second week? Give your body time to adjust and take it easy for a few weeks. then introduce exercise. Pilates will be fine to do once you body has fully adjusted to burning fat stores for its main source of energy.

    good luck and keep up the good losses
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  4. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    ooop, and of course the protein in the packs is vitally important to ensure muscle (which includes the heart) damage does not occur
  5. luckyloser

    luckyloser Hate it but doing it!

    Hi Dancing,
    thanks for the email.
    Message noted and accepted.
    Yep, i was thinking about it, quite seriously as well, but i know that if the body goes into starvation mode then it's likely to slow down on the weight loss front so nope, it's not for me. Thanks for the reply.
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