Only enough packs for a month, how to keep in ketosis without my drinks?


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hmmm something like atkins, but i dont advise that, its horrible!
I find that i spend less on CD than i do when im eating 'normal' food... is there no way you could continue?


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Agree with the atkins, been there:(

No, money is very tight at the mo, I just wish there were some way of keeping in ketosis, Iv tried the other CD plans before, but I just dont get the results that iv had in the past with ss.

ofm xx


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hmmm, a difficult one, as CD and Liprotrim are similar costs and the cheapest of VLCD. So I have been told!

I hope you get the answer you are looking for hun, sorry to hear you can't continue :( You will be missed!

Hugs x x x


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Try Exante, it's £22.47 per week and is a total food replacement. There's a exante board here on mini's


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Yeah I agree with the others about atkins, whilst it will continue to keep you in ketosis its also very expensive (the price of meat at the moment is horrendous!). Its a shame you can't continue, for me personally (I am a single mum), being on CDC will be cheaper than buying food for me alone. I find the kids really easy to feed, they like vegetables and simple things like fish fingers, veggie burgers etc etc. I'm not a fan of convenience food so like to cook from scratch, so lots of (boring) veggies for the kids from the local market. Without adding all the extra's I like to make it taste better (cream sauces, garlic breads, cheese, wine, etc) I will save money. Christ no wonder i'm fat looking at that list there!!

I wish there was a solution for you, and wish you well in whatever you choose x


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I take it you want to stay in ketosis to keep the hunger pangs at bay??

Cos if it's about money, SW can be dirt cheap, especially if you do a lot of green days. A friend of mine has lost something like 5 stones on it in the last year. Sure, it takes longer, but she's never gone hungry...

It's not for everyone - I'm too much of a pig for SW to work well for me. I take the idea of 'free food' to extremes. :D :D But it might be worth a thought?

Tricky one, hun - I really feel for you. :hug99:


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Hey OFM,
Not an expert by any means but Exante sounds good, but i am not sure you will stay in keto with it, i thought only CD put you in keto ??

Good luck whatever you do :D

Laura Croft

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Just to clear up any confusion, it's not because of the ketosis that we lose weight so fast on CD - it's because of the low calorie level. The ketosis just makes the low calorie level bearable otherwise we'd have 14 weeks of feeling like the first few days of getting onto plan. Eeek!

It'd be just about impossible to get the same lo cal levels in a healthy way ie including all your vitamins and minerals so you'll need to be prepared for slower weight loss as you will need to eat more food to get all the nutrients you need. All the best to you.


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My CDC told me to sit down and add up what I spend on myself in a week, including my shopping bill and then remove my food from that also.

I worked out it would be cheaper for me to be on CD currently than to continue to eat the way I have been.

I hope you can find a healthy alternative.


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Why don't you try one of the higher plans so you use less shakes. Many people have the same results as SS and SS+

JS x