Only ever done the old WW - a few propoints questions before I decide to start.

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  1. impossible

    impossible Member

    About five years ago I followed the old style WW diet. I didn't stick at it long. I found it quite hard but I'll admit it worked wonders in the short time I stuck to it. Anyway, after trying Slimming World I've decided the WW style is more for me. I've come back and see it's all changed to this propoints business! So I have a few questions.

    1. What is the main difference between propoints and the old?
    2. I'm guessing it's proven to work better?
    3. Is there an easy way to find out the propoint value of random foods? I hate it when it's difficult to simply find how many points are in something I've cooked.
    4. What goes on at the meetings? I would presume they aren't much different in style to SW.

    There is a nicely timed meeting on this Thursday and I think I'll go.

    Thanks in advance! :)
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  3. Shez__x

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    i cant answer some questions as i dont actually go to a meeting i do it from home myself.
    basically u have a certain numbers of daily propoints depending on ur weight/height etc and then a further 49 weeklies that u can use when u feel u need them or some people dont use them at all!!
    if u are going to meetings and get the ww app u can track your food on there, a lot of people that are doing it from home like me for example like the value diary app as its a lot like the ww app and u can track ur food, work out how many propoints in foods and also has a barcode scanner which is handy if ur walking around asda and wanna know the propoint value of something before you buy it,
    propoints are made up bu entering the nutritional info from the packaging like carbs, fat, fibre and protein!

    personally i love propoints find it so easy now as after a few weeks u will start to remember the propoint values of some foods u eat regularly!
    good luck!!
  4. bessie84

    bessie84 Silver Member

    buy a calculator (one that converts any food into pro points) thats my only tip.

    i dont do groups either, done this on my own for 2 years. and the calculator has got me thru it all.

    dont know about the old style ww - but i think back then u had to point fruit/veg, you dont point fruit/veg now (only potatoes n peas i believe)

    good luck x

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