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Only just stayed in Ketosis


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I've done so well up til now and last night i had the eating demons all over the place. I've been enjoying baking and cooking for the family without so much as a lick of the spoon but last night when i made some homemade shortbread i couldnt help myself have two peices. I also needed to eat and had 4 slices of prepack ham. The ham wasnt too bad as it was all but zero on the carb and fat but was so annoyed at the shortbread.
Glugged loads of extra water and instead of my rest day for the wii sport i did 20 mins but went to bed feeling so disappointed with myself.
I know why i did it. I'm 2lbs (unofficial) lighter than last year and i can feel that complacent feeling arriving as within myself i am looking and feeling so much better. My clothes are fitting, i'm pretty much a size 12 although i can only afford supermarket type clothes and they tend to be more generous. I really really want to get to goal so i've picked myself up and had a good chat in my head and hopefully i am back on the straight and narrow.
I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.
Hope everyone has a great day.
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PS. My mum was round last night and we were talking about wine and crisps going hand in hand. (She cant get my dad to give up crisps) and i had to mentally tie myself to the chair to stop myself nipping to the shop for a bottle of chardonnay and a packet of doritos!!
I suppose that proves i've still got plenty of will power left.


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Stay strong Molly, you have come a long way... and you can get those last 16lbs off, no problem. This is the hard bit, but those voices in your head that tell you to eat... just answer them back!!! I am writing this to myself just as much as to you as beseiged by demons myself today and the temptation to cave in is SO strong. So... I will stay out of the kitchen if you will!



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Just back in from work so i promise to only go in the kitchen for water!
I'm going to do my sport active on the wii and i'll do a 45 min walk with the dog later to keep busy. I've had just about 3ltrs of water today so hopefully flushed out my shortbread!
Oh i would have loved a glass of wine last night but having had no alcohol for 3 weekends i'm sure even the smell would have given me a hangover today!
I think you have done fantastic my poor dh has been seeing to himself most of the time coz i cant resist the temptation - hes lost pounds bless him lol. Im glad its not just me hearing voices and they are so hard to ignore!!!xxx


Going for Goal!
wine and crisps? Never heard of them, I only have ss+ foods in my vocab.

I actually chop cooked chicken and when I need a nibble or to fight away demons, in the tub I dip! It works for me!

Well done on resisting other things, potentially you could have really blew it, but didn't, so CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Hugs x x x

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