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Only lost 1lb


I'm new to both Exante and the forum but wanted to try the diet after friends who've been on Lighter Life and Cambridge lost a lot of weight. I've been really unhappy with my weight/appearance for a while now (surprising how much self esteem is tied up in how we look) so was really looking forward to starting. I was hoping to dive straight into the Total Solution but found that hard, so have been having a salad and chicken or tuna most nights since I started last Tuesday. I weighed yesterday though, and I've only lost one pound.

I know I should feel happy that I've lost, but I'm gutted. I'm sure I'm in ketosis because I've had a horrible taste in my mouth (really metallic) since last Wednesday, so I don't know why I haven't lost more. I did have friends down on the weekend and so ate 'proper' food but the recipe I followed said each serving should have been 386 cals, and under the Working Solution you can have a meal of 400 cals. I don't know what's gone wrong.

Anyone have a similar experience or words of encouragement? I really feel like packing it in at the moment :(
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The reason people have large losses the first week on Exante is because they don't eat any carbs. If you ate 'normal' food at the weekend then you've had carbs.

If you want to lose faster then you'll need to limit carbs. Some do this by just having the shakes. Others (like me) just have a tiny meal of say chicken and lettuce in the evenings as well as shakes.

Exante works best when it is low calorie AND low carb. Hope this helps.
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hiya please dont give up i nearly did but glad now i didnt im going to weigh tomorrow so will let you know how second week goes ive been 100% so hoping will make up for that measley 1lb last week.
we will get there lovely might just be slower than every one else x x
Sorry about the late reply - I managed to forget my password!

Thanks coley144. I didn't realise that you should have low/no carbs. I just thought 400 calories was 400 calories, but I'll know next time! If I get hungry I'll stick to salad and chicken.

How did you get on today mel74123? I really hope it went well and you lost more this week. I'm not giving up. It's hard, and I'm feeling hungry all the time! But I want to stick at it. Like you said we'll get there - we might just be a bit slower than others.
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I know how you feel about the slow weight loss. When I used to do WW with my hubby, we would eat the same all week and he would lose 3lbs and I would lose nowt! Stick with it though...it has to come off at some point :) x


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just remind your self a loss is aloss and in the end they all add up o a big number , stick with it you will get there !


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I reckon you will have a bigger loss the 2nd week, maybe your body is just getting used to the diet.