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Only lost a couple of pounds in 1st week

It's much more normal than you think!!!

As for portion control, just make sure you have the 1/3 superfree on your plate at each meal and you'll be fine.

A lot of people who start off slowly have bigger losses in the second.week, so do keep on with your good work.


Bring on the trumpets
Hi there

You lost 4lbs.........I lost 5lbs in my first week.....a woman in my class lost 7lbs :clap:. There is no exact science ;)

Well done, keep going and it will come off :D

Thanks for your support. My start weight was weighed at the hospital with my clothes on and todays weigh in was at home sans clothes - so I think I only lost 2lbs......... I will defo carry on thou - maybe I'll try and just weigh myself once a fortnight and judge by my clothes whether things are 'moving'.

I'm on Insulin and HRT so perhaps they interfere with loss??
always try and weigh in the same time, place and clothes as you did the week before..
I take it that you're doing this online or solo rather than attending a group?

First week large losses are usually down to a couple of things..
1. it was * week or close to it so they were retaining water the first weigh in
2. they ate or drank more during the day before first weigh in
3. they had a really bad diet before and changing to a low fat / low salt diet means they lose a lot of water the first week..
Kazzabon, my daughter gained 4 lbs the first week while I lost 6lbs. Very strange but she has now, after 4 weeks left me in her dust! lol Keep it up you're doing terrific.