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Only myself to blame

I am really struggling to keep on track at the moment. I started off really well, lost 4 lbs first week, 4.5 lbs the 2nd week and then have maintained for the last 2 weeks. WI tonight and I think I am going to have gained.

I have only myself to blame, I start off in the morning with good intentions but spoil it somewhere around midday and 5.00 pm.

This plan is so easy to follow, so why am I not doing it? There is only me who can do this and I can't blame anything / anyone else. I just crave things that I really shouldn't have.
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Is this your first attempt at Slimming World?
I know for me, that the first two times I attempted it, it really didn't click. I'd either eat very little because I couldn't get my head around the fact that we eat a lot more on this 'diet', or like you, I'd crave all the wrong things! But all I suggest is that 'perseverance is the key' - honestly, keep at it... even if you have a couple of gains, or you stay the same - it will click, and all of a sudden it'll be second nature to you.

What kind of things do you usually crave? There might be ways to feed your cravings without blowing your syns! :) xxxx
Thanks for your replies. I seem to be all or nothing. I didn't have an alcohol drink for the first 3 weeks - had a bit too much wine at the weekend and now want it all the time. I know I can have a glass of wine and count the syns but it seems a waste of syns just for a glass - then I seem to go overboard and have 2-3 glasses and then think that I have written off the day !!!

I went straight from Weight Watchers to Slimming World, sometimes I can't get my head around eating so much. Think that is half the battle, need to get my head into a different mode. And the plan seems so easy !

I have just been for a long bike ride - which I really enjoyed. Don't think it will have stopped the damaged before WI tonight but I am heading in the right direction to get back on track.

Thanks again for your replies - I will keep plodding along. At least I am following it to a fashion, and haven't gained (yet). It would be so much worse if I wasn't doing Slimming World :break_diet:

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