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Yes it gets better,ive just finished my first week,now i look forward to my shake.Cant stand the soup though.
Keep it up,xxx


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Make them up with more water. They are more palatable that way. Stick with it, they do get better.:D


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I was as sick as a dog first day,stuck it out but it was like morning sickness,all I can describe it as but it passed on second day,keep at it!


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the shakes actually start to taste really sweet shazpaz is right about adding more water it makes them taste better and helps get more water down you xx
Not used these shakes before (will be from wednesday) but did have the same problem on LL. Before long you actually start to look forward to having them! I never could stand the soups though!


Definitely stick with it as the shakes do definitely taste better the longer that you're on this diet. After 3 weeks I'm also finding that the shakes do now taste sweeter . I think that your tastebuds will change too after a while !


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I had a hot choc shake last night and was gaggin,ive never tasted anything so horrible in my life LOL,but i still drank it lol.


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vicky the choc ones are nice cold but if you want it hot add peppermint tea instead of the water or lizzieb likes hers with orange extract xx


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Shaz is definitely right, making them with more water is much better. I add lots of ice too in a blender mmm xx

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