Onwards... and downwards (the scale that is)


Dear diary.... Oh where to start! I have very high blood pressure (dangerously high like 176/118 for example), an abnormal kidney function blood test (92) , high cholesterol (5.5)...
I am addicted to diet cola which I started today to cut down and am drinking barley water now, which is making pee a lot which can only be a good thing.
I need to get some weight off fast and weighed in at a heafty 18stone 5lbs yesterday (2nd March).
I am due to have a 24 hour blood pressure test in a couple of weeks and hope I can get those numbers down by then..
My first goal is to get to 17stone as quick as I can before I peg it. I'm 5ft 7 hour glass shaped so big all over and large build - my goal weight is anything under 13 stone.
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That must be very unnerving for you and I certainly hope you can get that BP down a bit and wish you all the very best in your effort.
The BP test can be rather annoying as the monitor continually switches on making it rather difficult to sleep what with the noise it makes plus the grip on your arm as well but it's all for the good.
Hi Emmaline , yes I am dreading the blood pressure machine on, it hurts once never mind over 24 hours but I need to sort it out. I also hope I manage to keep it on overnight as I suspect I will remove it in my sleep :/
Well done on your loss we are at the same point for BMI.

I am 3lb down overnight at 18st 2lbs. I suspect I peed that out! I've never been to the loo so much as when drinking barley water!
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You must be shorter than me but I don't pay too much heed to BMI as I am fine in the over weight BMI bracket.
I've sat tonight after my daughter went to bed , had no distractions and really relaxed to my cat purring on my knee and I got my blood pressure down to 145/99 at the lowest... which is still way too high but shows me I CAN get it down when I try.
I need less stress in my life but not sure how I can achieve that as just ''life'' stresses me out!
Good luck on your journey.Well done on the 3lb off. Long may it continue.
I don't take notice of BMI as we are all different shapes and sizes so to me I feel one size doesn't fit all.

I've learnt to not let those things we have no control over stress me out.

Life itself is a stress but the less you can get into your life the better.:)
Thanks for your replies, and sorry for my absence. My eldest cat was dying so nursed him all weekend and he died Monday minutes before I was due to take him to be put sleep. I was happy he died at home though in my arms. However grief doesn't curb my appetite! But I have managed to lose 1 pound, so at 18st 1lb - 4lbs down.