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oooh a shock


I will be a Princess!
Those pounds will have melted away before you know it hun! It always seems a bit daunting when you start losing weight, but once you get into the swing of things you'll soon see the difference :) Good luck with losing weight hun! xx
It will be gone in no time. I started SW at the beginning of September with 64lb to lose and felt like I would never get there. I now only need 36lb to get to my target which seems much more acheivable. I am almost halfway there without really thinking about it.

Good luck x


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Best of luck Corrina you can do it!:fingerscrossed:
I've got 53lbs to lose and we've got a similar BMI and start date. If you want a buddy give me a shout! Good luck in the new year.
rrrrr thnaks ladies for all the lovely comments, soooo nice of u all, i really do love this forum its mint. xxxx

zoe yeah we can be buddies and spur each other on xxx


Just doing it this time
one pound at a time - not a race - doesn't matter how long it takes - healthy eating - what more can you ask for.

Before you know it - you'lll be celebrating target.

good luck
I can't think of my target as a total amount. If I do I get worked up and worried and reach straight for the chocolate and crisps.

I've broken it up into little targets and am hoping that as I reach each target I'll feel prepared to aim for the next one. Hopefully before I know it I'll be at target.

Good luck however you decide to do it. xx
It may not be that much - i am going to review things as i get closer to my current 'set target' - i dont want to look thin or gaunt!!! so the plan is to get there slowly and so far....its going well! xxx
ooooh its just dawned on me that i have got 54lb to loose 54lb omg it seems such a hard task, i know i can do it but when i have actually sat and thought about i today i thought urgh thats loads that but i will do it xxx

You have already had a fab weight loss hun so you will soon get it off.
Split it up into mini targets, like a stone at a time and it doesnt seem so much then :) xxx
That's roughly what I needed to lose, and it took me 7 months, and I just got there.... It will fly by!

But break it down into mini goals, I always broke mine down into shinies. First goal, get my ½ stone sticker, next goal 1st sticker, 3rd goal get my club 10. They came around really quickly when it was broken down.
Trust me, it'll be gone in no time. But like the Wise Women say - don't see it as 54lbs, rather one pound at a time. Set yourself mini-goals - 7lbs or a dress size - and then go for another one. Every pound you lose will be better for you.

Howay, bonny lass, ye can dae it!
Yes just go with the smaller targets ... it will make things seem more manageable .... u can do it!!!! Good luck xxxx

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