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Ooooooo what is this!!!!!

What exactly is in this stuff which gives it its syns? When I cook in my slow cooker I just put the meat and vegetables in with just a covering of water on the bottom and let it all make its own juices.
if anybody sees them will they let me know where? lol cant see them on asda.com or sainburys.com :( they are on the online syns though, very reasonable considering you get 4 meals out of them. They might just take my slow cooker virginity! :D lol xx
Well, if I'm honest I don't see the point - you can make any of those things easy enough without the packet and also with it being completely syn free. Why waste the syns on it, and why eat all the additives which the packet no doubt contains?

I make curry, tagines, casseroles etc all syn free and they take minutes to throw the ingredients into the slow cooker before going to work.
thanks for this link honey not too fussed about the slow cooker bit but have been on the recipes in there and have 'joined' and put some in my recipe folder


Lost in the Supermarket
Some of us aren't very good in the kitchen and make meals that they can't actually eat because they put to much spice in ;)
No such thing!!
Ha, that happened with a chilli con carni i made once. I tried to be fancy and use loads of spices and stuff.. i managed to create what i can only discribe as a very sweet, bolognese with a massive backlash of heat. :eek: quite incredible,.. but money down the drain, so much had gone into it, it really was unsaveable.. a whole batch of extra lean mince, peppers and onions. .. in the biin.

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