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Well i am back on a VLCD after a rotten 2012!

My fiance split up with me and I ended up having to move into a new flat on my own. I have done nothing but "comfort" eat and binge. I need to remember that 2013 was going to be my year- the year I got married! But it can still be my year can't it?

I am going to take control of my life and stopping this unhealthy relationship with food is the first thing on my hitlist!
I am going to start liking myself, instead of putting myself down constantly!
I am going to try and see the positive in things instead of the negative in things!
And I am going to put in 100% into this Slim and Save diet.

I am very excited about my food arriving- so much so that I cannot wait to get the weekend over with! (when did I ever think I would say that!?)

I hope to get chatting to some people who have managed to stick to this and hopefully we can get through this together! :)

Jem x
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Good luck's to that wonderful moment when he sees you in the street and regrets his own stupidity!!! To 2013, and your future. Xxxx


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Hi katherine! You are doing so well!

I can't wait for that moment too! xxxx


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jem_jem I am on day two and so far I'm so pleased I have taken the plunge. I'm sure you will be pleased too :)
Best of luck xx

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Good luck.


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Hi Jem. Like you said, it might not be the year that you get married but 2013 can definitely still be your year! Sounds like you're in the perfect frame of mind to make it happen. Look forward to hearing how you get on, good luck!


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Good luck! You sound very motivated so I'm sure you will make it your best year yet :)


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Good luck Jem! I have started today and we are the same height and are almost the same start weight! I'm sure you will do brilliantly! :)


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Hiya chick. I was also super excited to receive my packs last week, I'm now on to day 7 and I weigh in tomorro morning. You have the right attitude I think your gonna do great. ;) x


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Hi Jem

Good luck!!!! I did s&s 100% for 7 days and lost 10lbs I then went on a planned break annoyingly and not surprisingly I haven't managed to get back on it yet. Still maintained about 8lb loss but still I like you want to make 2013 my lucky year!!! Forget that it was ur year to be married .... It's now ur year to become truly happy with yourself!!!

I'm getting bk to 100% on Monday so will be on here a lot!!! And here to support and also to re-start my journey to happyness :) xxxx

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One of the things I'm trying to teach myself this year is to consider if I would tell someone else what I tell myself, or whether I wouldn't dream of being so rude and horrible to anyone outside of my head. We are always the unkindest to ourselves, which gets quite tough when you have to spend 24 hours a day with someone you don't like. Set yourself an alarm every single day to remind you to take a moment to think something nice about yourself, it soon becomes a habit and you soon start to enjoy being you again.

When you start to see the results of your transformation, you'll also be able to see the events of last year in a positive light too - cause they are part of the catalyst that's brought you to a happier you. Have a measure as soon as you can if you've not already, it's astonishing how quickly the inches disappear :)


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Hi Jem Jem, sorry to hear of your break up! Have to say straight off your profile pic is amazing, r u from Midlothian??? ;) gem xxx


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Well, that sounds like a crappy year!

I am absolutely determined that 2013 will be the year I stop p*ssing around and lose the weight I've accumulated over the last 6 years. I said to someone today that I'd put alll the weight on in two years....but then I actually counted how long I had been overweight and realised it was 6 years.