Ooooops. I did it again :-(


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Been there, got the t-shirt! Felt so rubbish after it aswell!

Could you try and syn what you'v eaten so you have some idea? Then it might not be so bad as you may think.. ?

Many times in the past ive done this, easy to say dont beat yourself up over it but its done now, try not to worry and concentrate on having a good week.

Good luck xx


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i used to have weigh in on thursday and binge friday.. i weighed in yesterday this week and ive been so good since

hollys nan

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Ruby dooby doo, just forget about it now and try to get back on track this week. Dont let it haunt you we all do this from time to time. Dont beat yourself up about it, just keep on going you will get there!


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Get over it - move on.
Have an action plan for when you start to feel how you did to trigger it.