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Ooops :(

Hi all,

I'm coming up to my 4th week WI on tuesday morning, and up til now I've been doing pretty well I think, definitely sticking to plan (mostly green days, but 1 red day a week) and have lost 10lb so far.

I don't know whats going on in my head the past 3 days though! I've stuck to plan 100% during the daytime, not left myself feeling hungy or anything, and alot of the time by 6pm ish I'm making a point of having a few extra syns as lots of days I' on less than 5 syns. But friday evening I ended up tucking into shepards pie I'd made for the kids and leaving my pasta in the pan (mince etc would really be okay as xlean steak & quorn, all else SW friendly) shame about the spoonfulls of butter in the mash though :( So that blew my syns out for friday, and saterday was my friends bbq - we're both doing SW together so planned for a red day, and did well with our food, just a tortilla wrap at 7 syns, and then the 15 syns on vodka and diet coke. In spite of this I got straight back on track this morning, stuck to plan 100% and then at 8pm realised I'd only had 0.5 syns today, so thought I'd treat myself to 2 pink & white wafer things I'd got for the kids, but read on here that they're only 2.5 each so thought two of those would be nice, but I've just eaten 8 of the darn things :(

So that's my 3rd bad day in a row. I don't know whats up with me, I'm really enjoying SW and don't feel like I'm missing out, I'm not even missing chocolate which I never thought I'd say! In each case I've done great all through the day and then something in my head has just snapped and I've gone stupid and undone all my good work :(

Anyone else been this silly and snapped out of it and got back to plan 100%??! I don't want this to be me tailing off and losing interest, I really want this weight to go, I'm starting a whole new chapter in my life - I've split up with my husband so I'm moving back home to Cardiff with the kids so I can get us settled and have family support, and then going back to college to start a whole new career, I feel like everything is changing and I want me to change for the better too!

Anyway, sorry for waffling on :eek:

Amy x
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oh.... don't worry as long as you get back on track. I had a blow out on friday.... stuck to plan but had about 5 tequilas and 10 to 15 gin & slimlines & 10 cocktail sausages.... as long as you save up should be ok (I hope :p). My WI is tomorrow so time will tell.

good luck

Bless, It's so easily done. Don't be too hard on yourself, you have done it now so try and move on. I'm sure if you try and have a syn free day today you will recuperate some of them extra syns so things aren't that bad. Sorry to hear bout your split but heres to the new you:) You can do it and good luck for tomorrows WI x
Big hug XX Don't dwell on it, move on and get back on plan properly. We cann't be angels all the time but so long as we are most of the time then things should work out. I start each day as if it was my first day on the plan and if I get to bed time without a wobble then I have a pat on the back and feel good about myself. If I do wobble then I just try and put it behind me and move on starting agian from that point. You cann't undo what is done just try and get back on track and move forward. Good luck with the weigh in and have a great day. XX

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