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Oops I did it again!


Playing the Angel
Well I have been very nice to myself :) Usually I would say I have been very naughty and berate myself, but that is just my CP coming out. During most of my time on LL I did not buy anything clothes wise apart from bare essentials like a smaller bra a t shirt and a smaller pair of trousers or two, there didn't seem to be much point as the weight was dropping of really fast. However I have gone on a slight spree latetly, all the raiding of the charity shops for amazing stuff at low low prices... then yesterday we had to nip out so my sister could get a new pair of black trousers for work, her others were literally falling off! And ooooooooops, I came home with a sweater in the most gorgeous coral colour a long sleeved t shirt for those chilly autumn days and a coat I have had my eye on for ages. The good news is it was all 25% off so it was a bargain!! well I can justify it that way..... This shopping bug is immense but I love now that I can pick or reject clothes depending on what suits my new body shape, and not just take the only things that fit in my size that are fat hiding!!! :D

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LOL Jez!

I can sooo relate to your post. I have been quite limited in what I bought - until I hit size 12 a week or two ago (actually 9 days ago!). I have bought about six different work tops and two work trousers and some joggers and t-shirts to go with the new underwear :eek:. All are from Primark or Matalan or Tesco, so nothing cost very much, but they are adding up. I keep thinking that I am likely to make it down to a size 10 or less if I am a 12 currently and have 31lbs still to lose, but I justify by saying that I can still wear things that are a little big. I also reckon I'll keep 12s as the ultimate fall back. Much better than keeping those shapeless 22/24s as a back-up!!!!

And I feel so good in the clothes! :D


Playing the Angel
It is the most amazing feeling in the world!!! I have been using the local sainsburys clothes section, like primark etc, great stuff at cheap prices that will last for a season or 2. I do plan, however, to treat myself to a couple of really nice posh bits when I get to goal including some lovely underwear, this functional stuff is fine, but it would be lovely to feel "sexy" with some nice lacy bits on underneath. You will absolutely get to a size 10 if not lower by the time you get to goal hun. I seemed to hover at a 16 then a 14, then all of a sudden I was a 12 and literally 10 days later I was a size 10, it came out of nowhere and was completely unexpected!!! Still can't believe it in fact.



Happy in my own skin
I was the opposite Jez, been buying all the way through. I think that's how I got my strokes and managed not to lapse...by continually getting a high from trying on and buying new clothes. The only problem with that is, like you I was a size 12 for literally 2 weeks and then a size 10 hit, so I had clothes to take back as I'd not even had a chance to wear them before they were too big.

Enjoy these times, that's what we did al this for that great feeling of pulling something out the wardrobe and knowing it will fit and look good, not just throwing something on because it's the only thing that fits...:)
Oooooh Jez,
We've swapped one addiction for another!
I was able to kid myself for years that I'd lost interest in clothes and that other people were just too vain...............
and i believed me!!


Playing the Angel
Lol, but we so know better don't we :)? I am really worried I have swapped all that eating for clothes shopping! Could be expensive, but I suppose as long as I stick to the charity shops, and then limit myself to the occasional more expensive treat, I should be fine.



Making it all add up
LOL - have to concur even us chaps can get the clothes shopping 'bug'.

Still amazes me to buy Medium (and some Small) sizes and 32-34" trousers is a dream compared to the 46" limited choice before. Really enjoy clothes shopping and always hated it before :)

Not telling about the lacy undies though!!!:peep:
I was able to kid myself for years that I'd lost interest in clothes and that other people were just too vain...............
and i believed me!!
Mmm - I might have to agree with that one too. Through the CBT/TA I have found I told myself loads of things I truely believed, but now know were complete lies.
Though I have to say - I have still not developed a taste for make-up, so maybe that is one area I told myself the truth.
I wear make up every day now. DIdn;t use to - why bother?? lol Now I love palying with all my girly stuff!!

JEz - you definately got the bug lady!

I had HOPED i lost the shopping bug. When I was 18-25 that was my favourite pass time. Then it become a sad chore. Thought I was over my addiction.

Ooooops. Not even close!!! :D



Playing the Angel
Ladies, when I was having my massive clear out, I discovered I have more make up than I know what to do with!! I don't wear make up to work because in a kitchen it is pretty pointless, it drips off fast and you look somewhat like a clown, lol probably also goes against the UK health and safety laws or something!!! But I am going to make more of an effort when I am not at work. I have also noticed that I am spending a lot more time attending to my body. Many pampering baths, paying a lot more attention to my face with facials etc (home as can't really afford the beauty salon atm) and lots of foot pampering and nail pampering. Also using loads of body cream etc. Must be because I am finally starting to love my body, previously I ignored it for the most part. I do feel a lot more girly than before, previously, I felt really "butch" partly because of the weight, and partly because I work with blokes and have to wear chefs clothes which are really not flattering or feminine. Time to be a lady methinks!!


sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
good for you jez , im about as girly as it gets , so its helps that im a beauty therapist :0) sadly its waaay to busy at work to get much pampering , but nowadays i just love treating myself to lovely baths and bdy creams ect :0)
I agree Jez, I've made friends with my bedroom again. I used to just sleep there and quickly get dressed, but didn't spend much time doing girly messing about like lotions, potions, nails etc.
Now i'm really enjoying doing all that again.

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