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It was my 30th a couple of weeks ago, and as my best pal lives 50 miles away, and we've had terrible snow since before Christmas, we only got together last night. As I'm now officially old (! only kidding!), we didn't go 'out out', we went to the Bingo, and back home. Well, back at mine we swapped Christmas pressies (what fun, at the end of January!), and she presented me with a cake for my belated birthday.

I decided that as I hadn't had any syns yesterday, and I wasn't even having a drink, I wouldn't worry too much about the cake, as it was only small anyway, and was being split three ways.

Just been any checked the syns for my indulgence.....42!!!!:eek::eek::eek: This cake was not even as big as a sideplate - not much bigger than a saucer in fact, and I only had a third! I'd NEVER have guessed at 42syns! lol

Ach well. You're only 30 once! hehehe
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Exactly! I bet it was a very nice day too :)


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Those cakes are killers, but hope it was worth every syn :)
Happy belated 30th!


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That's crazy!!!!! I had 13 little jelly sweet yesterday, at a syn each they dont seem that bad but 13 syns for 13 seems a lot!! lol

Happy belated birthday :)


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I know, it's frightening isn't it!! But what I think is great about SW is that it makes us so aware of what we're putting in our mouths! Pre-SW I would have been in work dipping my hand repeatedly into a tin of Quality St and before I knew it I would have had about 15 of the little blighters- 37 syns?! Not to mention the MacDonalds on the way home from work feeling peckish ?60 syns!! And the packet of crisps to chomp on in the evening- 12 syns- and that would be without the 3 main meals of the day!! So 110 syns plus all the meals= Maybe 150 syns EASILY!! I wouldn't have done this every day, but it gives an idea of how easy it is to shove things in your mouth and be in complete denial of what it's doing to your body!! Mojomcl I'm not knocking your cake eating antic here in any way, just got me thinking!!X
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Before SW I used to love Nachos from Wetherspoons, and always had them when my hubby was having burger and chips..... and thinking I was being much healthier than him (not that healthy, obviously)

I have since found out they are 65 syns!!! Burger and chips would have been a 'healthier' option- lol

Anyway- It was your 30th and you used just 42 syns???? I think that is absolutely heroic- congratulations and very very well done
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oh well u r only 30 once and i don't think it will effect your weightloss.
i'm 30 in april to and my friend said i should go out i'm a mum of 2 and don't think a nite at pub is me any more plus i don't drink so not worth it but a nite at bingo is cool kind of saying i'm getting old but in a funny way if u know what i mean and we have mecca here so should be fun thanks


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S: 20st5lb C: 20st5lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 53.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
lol Thanks all!
Tinkerbellsmum, I hope you enjoy it, too.
42 syns for my 'birthday' mightn't seem too bad - but thank goodness for the snow, cos if I'd gone out on my actual birthday, I'd have drunk that in rum before I even got into town! hahahaha
Anyhoo, I'm doing myself a wee speedfood challenge, so I don't think it'll affect me at all. Hope not, anyway! lol
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Lol! Hope you enjoyed the cake.
Happy belated 30th Birthday x

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