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Having gained almost 5 stone (63lbs) when pregnant with my DS I now feel that it is time to shed the lbs!! I have already tried WW and only managed 5 1/2 lbs over a 2 month period. My son is now 6 months old and so last week I started Slimming World.....and so far I feel very positive about it. I am just worried that I may be eating too much? Anything I do eat has been from the superfree/free section and I have avoided any sins. I know it is early days as I am due to get weighed in on Thursday, I just hope I lose something as I would be devastated otherwise. My weight at weigh-in was 11stone and it is my mission to be 8st4lbs. I am just so fed up putting on clothes that have a tight waistband and tops that look too stretched. I have very poor will power and the fact that I be at home most of the day with my LO means I always want to nibble. Help!!! :) I am determined to make it work this time and I WILL B A YUMMY MUMMY.....sometime soon I hope!! This little thread will hopefully help me through and keep me focussed. Id love to hear from other mummies who want to be yummy again!! :-D
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Hi, im Rachel and im a mum to 3 munchkins - a 5 year old and 2 year old twins. Im in the same boat, dont want to be a fat mummy any more. Ive lost 8 1/2 lbs in 3 weeks on SW. My first target is to loose a stone, so im over half way. Good luck to you, and i hope your first weigh in was great!