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Operation and TFR



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I'm pretty sure the guidance is no, you should not be on a vlcd when you have surgery. Given that your body has to heal afterwards too, I think you're advised not to be on a vlcd for something like 3 months afterwards. Your body is effectively conserving energy, and not doing anything 'non-essential' - which is why for some people hair starts to fall out etc. After surgery, you need your body to be firing on all cylinders to kick in all the healing that will be needed.

Something like low carb, but where you're still having more calories may be better? I would talk to your doctor about it, or you could contact Exante customer help.


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Last year I did CD for a while. Although my surgery was classed as minor they wouldn't let me do the diet for three months after and two weeks before. Apparently it's to do with healing process.

I hated it and it was the primary reason why I gave up CD.


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No, not a good idea either before planned surgery or after. Its one of those few definite no's. Not worth the risk; come off well in adavnce and stay of after until you heal. Time will vary according to nature and extent of surgery. Its much more than coping with an anaesthetic.


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Yup, advice is correct. I had an op 7 weeks ago n had to refeed properly... Then I went back on (before suggested time but I was using bars n normal food so not properly) n got a date thru for another op but this one a major one. Had it Wednesday and I am strictly NOT allowed to even consider dieting of any kind for 12 weeks or my body won't heal. Anaesthetic wise it makes a diff too n is dangerous.... Xx
Ok ladies thanks for the replies my ops next tuesday so I suppose I'll have to start refeeding tmw I'm doing working solution so I'm having 800 to a 1000 calories a day you'd think id be ok to stay on the plan
Thanks deb


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Hi Debbie,

Good luck for the Op next Tuesday, please come on here and let us all know it went well and your on the mend!!

Hopefully we'll see you back on here once you've fully healed (if you need to, that is :))

Good luck again and take care!! :D
Thanks mr mojo :D I will defo be bk on the plan after my op want to lose another stone + before the end of sept :sigh:


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That is easily do-able :D


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Had my gall bladder out Sunday it was planned but I was going to start refeeding on Tuesday and got taken in by ambulance Tuesday morning so didn't really have a choice, the guideline is three months after but frankly I'm just going to see how it goes and try and stay low carb in the meantime i've got an estimated three week recovery according to the hospital and then taking it easy after that for a while but really diet wise I've just got to play it from here! X


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Yep, get yourself healthy and repaired and then you'll be back into it in no time I'm sure :D

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