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Operation bridal gown


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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Woohoo!! Brilliant news Mel!! :D

Mel - that's absolutely fabulous. I'm in a similar position. Ordered a dress that requires 7 inches off the waist, 2 bust, although my hips are perfect(!!??).

Every completed day on LL will get us closer to our goals.
Thats fantastic!!! well done mel :D
well done Mel that's fantastic news!

You will probably be in the same position as me and need your wedding dress altered. I have a corset dress and the material now overlaps at the back the whole way down the back.

What is your dress like?
i thought i would post a pic of my dress for you guys. since i have been very poorly, i havent measured for a while (im a bit scared as i put on 2.5lb then fell ill so i havent been on plan until today) however....THE DRESS IS HERE!!!! my woman called today saying its in and i need to go an try it on. i dont see the point as it wont fit, but she wants me to come and make sure its okay. SO SCARED!!
wow - love it!

What colour? (are you going white or ivory??)

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Oooh, so puuurrdy! You'll fit it perfectly when the time comes, I'm sure of it... and you're gonna look stunning! :D



starting over
Aaaaah - that is divine! I am loving the lace-up back, you will look gorgeous!
i went to try my dress on today - it looked lovely! it fit on the bust and waist bjut the hips were just a smidgen too tight. i would love to put a pic up, but i cant work out how to get bitmap onto the forum! it wont copy and paste and i cant get it to upload....ill have to have a play about with it when i have more time....my mum had tears in her eyes lol


oh mel you look lovely, well done x

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