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Operation in feb..


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I'm having an operation in feb, nothing major just neatening every thing up from childbirth down there lol!
I'm comong off diet probs 2days before but I'm not planning on staying off for long, isn't even an option as I'm off o new York in July.
Question is would it be okay to come off two days before? X
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I had an op in october and came off about 4 days before , as long as you are out of ketosis you should be fine . The starting back after is a bit different ! Depends what you are having done really , but on SS you arent getting enough calories for your body to heal itself properly , so unless you want to risk your healing , infection etc i would say you need to be off for at least 4 weeks after ( I had 4 weeks off after rather than the 12 they tell you )
hope that helps
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i agree I would come off SS at least 4 weeks beforehand, why dont you check CD website, there may be official advice on there.


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The 'official advice' I was given was off SS or SS+ 2 weeks before op and not allowed back to those programmes for 3 months - although 810 upwards was allowed. Fortunately my op has been put back til the summer - when (fingers crossed) i'll be at goal.


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its not an option to have so much time off. Tbh i will just the vitimins or something. Im going on a once n a life time holiday for my 21st, and i am not going fat! noway on this earth. I will ask when i go to my pre assesment.


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Thats a good idea - but be prepared for them to tell you the same. I think as long as you are out off ketosis before the op you should be fine - bear in mind that if they pick up ketones in you blood/and or urine tests before hand then they will reschedule - so give yourself time to make sure you are out of it + a few days to be sure. Once the op is done the reason they say 3 months is to give your body time to heal - apparently you need the extra cals to heal - However, I know other people who have started again as soon as they were happy that they have healed - particularly if op is not too invasive and not internal tissues needing to mend.
to be honest if you are not wanted to take much time off i would reschedule your op for after your holiday . Is it really worth risking your 'bits' not healing properly ?? I understand that you wont need 3 months off , I only took 4 weeks off after my gallbladder was removed , but you still need to give it a good amount of time


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have decided il have a few weeks off,but no longer then a month. just going to see how i feel, i wont be able to move so hubby willk have to make me healthy food. I just really dont want to be fat for holiday :(
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to be honest. come off 3-4 days before op so that you are out of ketosis then go back on the 810 after a week. 3 shakes and one small meal with milk option. you'll still loose enough weight it's not that different to the losses on ss, you'll give your body time to heal properly too. look at my 810 losses. :)
Just been thinking doing that, have two shakes and a healthy meal at night. I jut don't trust my self to come off yet again as il end up right back where I started this week then won't he able to loos enough for holiday :(


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Good Luck Kimmie -- I agree with the 810 options. There have been a few studies done in the US (by governmental agencies not buisnesses) that have shown that you will lose as much weight on a low calorie diet (such as the 810 plan) as you will on a VLCD. The reason being that your body becomes very efficient when you are on such a restricted diet (it thinks you are going through a time of famine -- very Darwinistic).


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