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  1. puddycat

    puddycat Full Member

    Hi all,
    just wondering if anyone can advise please? What do you do food wise if you will be having an operation in the future? A friend of mine is on 790 (we're converts to it!) although she sometimes have to have extra protein, but how long before the op does she have to start eating normally again?

    I know of someone who was put on the cabbage soup diet type thing in preparation for heart surgery, but did that right until the day. I would have thought it'd be better to try and get some solid meals into his system first though? I'm thinking perhaps a week before she should start working up, so that by the time of the operation she is back to normal. Of course there may be some weight gain through glycogen stores, but that doesn't matter at this time. Do you agree? I don't want to give my friend duff advice, but she does need to stay on the plan for as long as possible before the op, to lose as much weight as possible if you see what I mean.

    Thanks for reading!
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  3. CW Consultant

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    She should be on 1000/1200 two weeks prior to surgery then will not be able to use any CD programme until 3 months after surgery.

  4. puddycat

    puddycat Full Member

    :D thank you for your reply, very much appreciated xx
  5. meemo38

    meemo38 Member

    Hi, can you explain why your not allowed to go back on for 3 months after surgery, i am due some revision surgery in May, i havnt strated CD yet, wondering if its going to be worth it now:cry:
  6. flirty40greeneyes

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    Your body needs more calories to repair itself after an op - even keyhole surgery ... hense why you can't do a VLCD.
  7. meemo38

    meemo38 Member

    Thats a bit of a pain, as i want to lose a little before the op, then i want to lose more as i go to florida on the 1st october, think i will have to leave it a while:cry:
  8. Lesly Cambridge

    Lesly Cambridge Cambridge Consultant

    Not just any old calories - it needs plenty of protein to repair the body.
  9. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    Thats right protein is essential for healing and even if we looked and feel healed on the outside it may not be the case on the inside.

    Health is paramount eating a good healthy low GI diet will be the best way forward then, if needed CD will be there:)
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