opinions please??.... from everyone not just from cambridge diet or lipotrim:D:D

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    changed frm lipotrim to CD
    So I started on lipotrim and its been almost two weeks.... i did liptrim before but gave up after 6 weeks.... now Ive read about the cambridge diet and seems a lot more appealing to me.... i rang up a cambridge councellor that does it in my area and i really think i will change diets.... i wanna know what you guys all think though.... has anyone changed from lipotrim to cambridge and regretted it??.... is there any faults with the cambridge diet??.... people who have come from total food replacement to 810 were u still in ketosis or did that knock u out of it??.... did u find that once u were able to eat a bit it teased u a tempted u into eating more??(i am afraid this will happen to me in cambridge) so far cambridge diet seems so much better the only bad point is my counsellor said that my goal weight was too low and she wouldnt bring me down that far she would only take me to 9. 5but iv come to terms with that and decided shes prolly right she is the expert of course:D:D anyway can cambridgers tell me their experiences with the diet(watever level ur on) lipotrim people what do u think is it crazy of me to change diets so quickly and in genral what does everyone think??.... its just i dont like any of the food in lipotrim i can only just bear the choc shake.... and is the cambridge food any nicer??.... theres more selection so im thinking there has to be something at least ok like something i myt enjoy eating.... ok blabbing over please let me know what u think!! xx also is the weight loss the same rat as lipotrim and does it slow down when u go to 810??
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    Hi, ive heard they are all but the same but there is a lot more choice on cambridge.
    AS for the 810, I did it for about 18 weeks and wish I could go back down. Think the ketosis thing is individual but the general idea seems that most stay in, just be ultra vigilant on measures. I lost about 90-95% of what I did on the 810 plan.
    I'd recommend it till I turn blue.
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  4. catssseyes

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    I swapped from LT to CD after 2 wks. I couldn't stick the gross shakes and disgraceful excuse for a flapjack any more! Haha!

    I would def recommend it. The flavours are so much nicer, there is a bigger choice of products and they actually taste nice!
    Just started the 810 this week, so will keep you posted.
  5. Luci-De-Milo

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    Cambridge Diet (CD)
    I tried LT for a week, more like a trial than anything, and didn't like any of them. Now on CD, I actually genuinely really like EVERYTHING I've tried on SS! I've tried three different shakes which were all nice, the porridge I love, the soups are nice too.

    There's a lot more variety. As for the 810 plan, I haven't got to that step myself, however I've seen plenty of people on here who lost just as much as they did during SS or SS+.
  6. Poggy

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    I've switched because I couldn't stand the flavours on LT and I would never go back! CD is so much tastier and the losses are the same.

    Claire xx
  7. cah-ching

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    All this time and I hadn't realised you lost most of your weight on 810!!! :wow: well done!! :D
  8. linnyloo

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    cd ss
    hi, I did LT for three weeks, and although I stuck to it and was committed to the plan. I did find the shakes hard work!!!!!!

    I have been on CD now for nearly three weeks and am so glad I switched. The loss has been about the same, but I think that because there is sooooo much more variety on CD I can see that for me it will be easier to stick to. I was craving something savoury on LT but the soup made me retch!!!! I have never in my life tasted anything so bad!!!!!

    The big point that swung it for me though is the support from my CDC. Whilst on LT I had a size 6,15 year old saturday girl at the pharmacy trying to answer my questions. She didn't have a clue and had to look every question up off the back of a crappy leaflet. CD seems so much more professional. When you will be on this for the long haul......(me!!!!!)I feel that you need the support and advice from someone who has walked in your shoes, so to speak.

    Take the leap.....even if you try it only for one week..... you will not look back....
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