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Opinions please

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet?
I heard a bit about it years ago, and when I stopped Atkins, I used its "You can eat carbs but only for an hour a day" rule to keep my weight off for a good few years.
Out of interest, I boought a copy of the book last week in the hope that by fella who is addicted to chips would give the whole diet a try.
Unfortunately he has no inclination to lose weight, so I have failed on that score, but reading it, it sounds quite good.
I am too much of an Atkins girl to go full tilt at the CAD, but on a couple of occasions when I have "needed" to eat carbs (family meals out etc) I have found that as long as I stop the carbs within an hour, and then go straight back to Atkins, I stay in ketosis and don't put weight on.
Just interested to hear other's thoughts/experiences.
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oh thats really interesting. ill try it tonight with pizza. scoff it within an hour. will report gains on monday ;)
Cool...just don't blame me if you gain!!
Confession time........
I had a bar of choc and a big tub of Ben and Jerrys last night...but have stayed the same this morning :)
Yep...all in one go...less than an hour...glutton that I am!
umm yes, but is there a diet I haven't tried;)

I did this years ago and found I did maintain but didn't lose. So maybe good if your not expecting a big loss. However everyone is different so you might lose with it.

Ooooh friday night blow out with vodka and crisps- usually this last about 4 hours in my house:eek:
That's what I was thinking...I used it as a way to maintain...but don't know anyone who has done it and lost weight .
I'm a bit sceptical of this to be honest. Doesn't surprise me that weight can be maintained by doing it but can't imagine it's healthy long term?


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I believe the actual diet relies on you having two tiny portions of pure protein for two of your daily meals, then your one carby meal. So the loss would be down to calorie deficit. I can't believe it wouldn't knock you out of ketosis though...
It's not tiny portions of protein..it's low carb the rest of the time apart from your reward meal...certainly didn't kick me out of ketosis, although that's not to say it wouldn't if I did it regularly lol


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Oh ok, that was just what came up when I googled it - on my phone so just skimming things. What's weird is I know I've come out of ketosis over just one meal before, which would have been eaten in less than an hour. Maybe you need to be very solidly in ketosis... idk, probably best for me not to think on it really.


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I bought this book on the cheap some time ago. Although I like the idea of the eat what you want in an hour meal, what put me off was the realisation that I can put away one heck of a lot of food in one hour and I'd probably stuff like a good un every day. Cant say I think that encourages healthy eating in the long rung, but may be useful now and again.

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