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Opinions please


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Well at the end of this month I will have been on CD for 5 weeks and hopefully will have had a fantastic loss.

Its my birthday on 27th and normally I would go out for a meal with my hubby.

The question is do I go out just for one meal and deal with the gain or shall I continue to CD.

Its a tough one and at the moment I am swaying towards staying on track.

Have any of you been in similar situations? What have you done?
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I would honestly say that the best thing to do would be to remain on SS!!

If you're doing well, then it's not worth taking the risk of eating and then not being able to get back onto the programme.

It's only a meal - and in our society we all too often show our love with food, instead of regarding it as food (I tell myself and my clients this all the time!!)

Get him to take you dancing or something else romantic instead!

Hope you have a lovely birthday!!


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In all honesty I would stay on CD and SS, its fantastic that you have stuck with it for 5 weeks I have read people having problems trying to get back on to it once they have stopped.

You will have loads of slimmer birthdays.

Have a lovely day whatever you decide to do :D


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I would definitely stay on track! Think of something else you can do together. My choice would probably be one of those his and her days at a spa. But even the pictures or bowling would be nice and can remind you of days where a meal out wasn't a financial consideration but we still fell in love eh? ahh!

Have fun whatever you do.

Dizzy x


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Hi Hun, I can sooooooo beg you to stay on it, keep your head down and keep going, there will be plenty more birthdays and meals. Do something lovely that doesnt involve food, a night at the cinema with a chopped up bar, tetra or crisps, a night in ;) or treat yourself to a massage.

I know its hard, but keep on track if you can, trust me, its soooo worth it x


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stay on track stay on track stay on track!! I came off for Christmas and a couple of meals before that and can safely say I wud've been at least 10lbs lighter now if I hadnt and getting back to SS has been VERY hard work


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Stay on track you will only regret it if you don't. I broke ssing for Christmas and am now in the misery of trying to get into ketosis again oh and my skin looks shite from the eating and drinking. Its so not worth it. Imagine yourself on your birthday next year ........Go to the cinema or the theatre instead.




I would deffo say stay on track too!! Its very hard to get the magic back if you break the spell.

Can you get your AAM week to coincide with your birthday so you can sit and have a meal together....all be it a small one??? but you can still sit at the table at home and eat together?

I had a lovely birthday card last yr from a friend it said...'you may be one yr older but you are 3st lighter' so remember how far you have come already.and remember there will be another birthday next yr and then you will be able to go out have a meal and be slim and sexy!!!


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I would most definately stay on CD and find another way of celebrating your birthday, it'll be worth it in the long run.

How about some pamering treatments instead!