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Opps think I might be overdoing the water.


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Im not sure what 5 pints equates to but you should be having atleast 2litres a day. 5 pints doesnt sound like you are over doing it at all.
Actually that probably isnt enough, you should be having 3 to 4 litres a day which is approx 6 to 8 pints!!!! get that water down you, the more you drink the more you lose!!!!


A little of everything!
LT recommends a minimum of 2l (roughly 4 pints) and a maximum of 4.5l - excluding your 'shake' water, but including tea/coffee.
I usually drink 4 pints a day (about 2 ltrs) and 4 cups of tea a day (green tea with a sweetner) seems to do the trick, although now i'm in keytosis and my tongues is furry, i'm drinking more!!!
:cry: wish i could drink more i hate water but it does help ..
drinking 2 ltrs a day is enough if i can manage it so i think your doing ok

debz x
I only manage 2 litres each day and I'm more than happy with my weight-loss... 5st 5lb in 14 weeks! x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
The water can be a bit of a challenge some days. I try and have a couple of mineral waters for variety as well. I also find continual sipping rather than trying to glug down loads helps me to. I always try to do about 3litres. It keeps the hunger at bay too.
as every1 has said try upping it a little. i`v been struggling the last 2 days with my water intake the last couple of days so im forcing myself at the mo lol which isnt good as i hate water.. good luck hun xx

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