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is going to loose!
S: 83kg C: 80.8kg G: 72kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 2.2kg(2.68%)
Sorry about the miss spelling in the previous post. I presume no one here has tried Optifast. Apparently they have been around for years and are recommended by doctors to obese patients. I only have about 19lbs to loose but just cannot seem to do it on my own. For the past 4 days I have replaced my breakfast and lunch with a high protein and low carb shake...however, I have just realised the tub I bought is a supplement and not a meal replacement. I live in Oz and dont like the taste of Slimfast and not sure about Celebrity Slim.

Any thoughts??



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S: 19st7lb C: 19st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 45.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hiya. I have heard of optifast but its not available in the uk so I dunno much about it. Is Cambridge available in Austrailia?


is going to loose!
S: 83kg C: 80.8kg G: 72kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 2.2kg(2.68%)
Thanks Wannabe10. I am reluctant to purchase any of these because of the high carb to protein ratio. I would really like the protein to be much higher. I did find one brand called ISO WHEY. A scientific doctors brand, but they only had chocolate flavour and I hate chocolate milky drinks of any kind. Crazy I know.

Lyn they do have CD in Oz and I am waiting on a reply to my email about how much it costs. Although I only need to loose about 8 kilos which is about 1.25st (think about 22ish lbs?). I think you need to have alot more weight to loose to go on it.

I last year lost some weight (the last of it, well what I thought would be the last time!) but got sick and had to go on steroids and packed about 6 kilos on in 2 weeks and have been battling the 6 plus another 2 kilos which can along for the ride.....

I've been drinking protein shakes for breakfast and lunch for a week now and eating a healthy low cal dinner, plus 2 pieces of fruit a day and 3 ltrs of water. I started this last Monday and I do feel thinner somewhat. I am going to measure in on Thursday morning so fingers crossed.

I've started optisfast and am currently on day 4! like you only have a little to loose about a stone and a half and have already lost 4lbs!
I am basically having 4 shakes a day and loads of water, will introduce the greens after 2 weeks.
Well I'll just add my piece here in case it's useful to anyone searching for Optifast info. :)

I'm on day 5 and I started on a modified version of the transition phase (under 800 calories per day). It's been a rough few days with headaches, fatigue, horrible fuzzy toungue and teeth :eek:, and hunger pangs - not because I'm not getting enough nutrition I think, but because my stomach is getting used to less bulk. I'm having a shake for breakfast, soup with 1 cup fine diced and blanched low carb veges added for lunch, and a 300 calorie meal of lean protein and more low carb veges. Also 2 tsps cold pressed oil added, or as a dressing with the same amount of lemon juice.

I have some of the bars too and have used them in place of the shake or the soup if I'm out (Christmas shopping - haha unavoidable!).

The shakes are surprisingly satisfying - I had doubts the first time I made one but 3 hours later I was feeling fine (and much, MUCH better than I would have on toast and peanut butter or whatever). I'm enjoying the soup with the added veges too. The bars are yummy I think, and seem kind of indulgent - I'm saving those for special circumstances. ;)

I will weigh myself weekly. I have 54 pounds to lose and I'll be really happy with anything over a 2 pound loss weekly I think. More would be a bonus of course!

After Christmas when I have a clear 2 - 3 weeks I'd like to give the intensive phase a go. That's where all 3 meals are replaced with a shake, dessert (haven't tried them yet), soup, or a bar. Plus you have 2 cups of low carb veges and a tsp of oil.

I believe that the nutritional make up of Optifast meal replacements is very similar (in terms of protein/carb ratio, minerals, calories etc) to that of The Cambridge diet. But they don't have the same range of flavours or the same versatility - as far as I know - with how they can be prepared. *Soups are Chicken or Mixed vegetable. Bars are Chocolate, Cappuccino or Berry Crunch. Desserts are Chocolate or Lemon Crème. Shakes come in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Coffee. I'm doing fine with that range - I haven't tried the desserts yet and might leave them until if and when I do an intensive phase where I use 3 a day.

I'm drinking 2 litres of water a day, plus I'm using carbonated mineral water and the occassional diet coke (which I would usually NEVER drink) as a crutch to help me through the "hunger pangs" and detox symptoms.

I hope that's not too hard to make sense of (my head is fuzzy!).



Optifast Girl!
Hi Bren I am on the U.S. version of optifast. I understand they are a bit different something to do with different nutritional rules of each country. My range is ever smaller. We have Garden Tomato the only soup available. They are currently working on revamping the chicken soup. We also have chocolate, vanilla and strawberry powder to make shakes and the same flavors in the tetras. We have chocolate brownie and peanut butter bars. That's it. I chose this forum because CD works much like optifast and the loses are about the same. We have group sessions and talk about coping with the diet and working on changing our mind sets about food. I am loving this diet. I wish we had more flavors and would love to have porridge which I think is the equvilent of what I know as oatmeal and I love oatmeal! Check my sig for losses, I have been on OF since Aug 2 and have lost 58.8 as of last tues, I weigh in 2mro. My loss last week was 6.4!
Edibeedee - Hi :)

Are your Optifast products made in Germany? (Or perhaps under licence in the US?) We don't have any tetra packs here (in New Zealand), just powders and the bars.
I really like the soups (especially with fresh veges, herbs and spices added) and I would LOVE a tomato one to be available here.

I'm glad to see your losses there, and to know you're doing so well on the program. Good for you :)

thanks amanda! the US opti is made here by Nestle, the chocolate company, amoung other things.
Things are going good. I have started the opti version of ss+ although some days I can't bring myself to eat food and run back to my chocolate tetras! I was up .8 tonight at my weigh-in. I chalk it up to driving for 20 hrs over the thanksgiving holiday and my low water consumption. That is one of my few problems with this diet, I can't seem to consistently drink enough water each day. I am ready to roll on though!
Hi again edi :)

My OF is made by Nestle too, but in Germany. It's more expensive than the Cambridge diet looks to be but it's the only once easily available here...I think the price might be partly to do with the freight (and our low dollar) - however I'm quite enjoying the products and feeling well sustained on them so I'm very pleased with it.

How does your ss+ plan work out? I mean what does the "+" include?

I'm doing what they call the "transition phase" here with one meal and two shakes or soup per day. Since yesterday (day 6) I haven't felt hungry at all so I'm really pleased.
I think a sole source plan here is generally only followed by those overseen by the hospital (pre surgery or whatever). I could attempt it if I was feeling extra motivated to lose quickly but for now I'm enjoying my allowance of real food too much :D

The "intensive phase" here entails 3 OF packs plus two cups of low carb veges a day and once the Christmas rush is over I'd like to try that for a month or so....perhaps that is similar to your ss+ plan?

How do you plan to cope with meals around Christmas time?

Bren the one I am currently doing is adding 4 oz lean protein and 1/2 cup raw veg. I am meant to only do that for a week and slowly start adding more food until I get up to 1800 calories per day. I am kind of scared about adding the extra food. It seems like soooo much food. I am going to see how my losses are before deciding to add in more food. I went to adding the food because if I only do the shakes/soups/bars (SS), I have to get checked by the doctor each month and have blood drawn and tested once per month, an EKG after every 50 lbs lost and I found that to be too expensive. If I eat a little food then I don't have to pay that extra $ to see the doctor each month, which comes out to about $600 each month.
Optifast is really agreeing with me, I'm on Day 18 and have officially lost a stone!
Only had just over 2 stone to loose so I know things will begin to slow down but really pleased with the results and feel great.
the lemon desert is really yummy and the sweetness will cure any sugur cravings!
i just started optislim, here in ireland.
its 2 shakes and a meal , so im replaceing breakfast and having a cereal bar.
day 2 today and just woke up with a lovely head cold lol.. but we shall live and get the fat off lol xxx
i just started optislim, here in ireland.
its 2 shakes and a meal , so im replaceing breakfast and having a cereal bar.
day 2 today and just woke up with a lovely head cold lol.. but we shall live and get the fat off lol xxx
way to go mushroom. good luck to you. I have noticed a lot of people talk about getting colds, the flu early on. Has anybody else noticed that? They also usually say they feel better after a few days. I guess it could be one more first week symptom.


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S: 15st10lb C: 15st10lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Mushroom!!

Im interested in starting the optislim in Ireland too.....how are you getting on with it?


is going to loose!
S: 83kg C: 80.8kg G: 72kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 2.2kg(2.68%)
Well I am thinking about Optislim it is here in Oz and will either do this of CD for 3 weeks? Wont be able to do it 100% though as I have some commitments coming up before a wedding in Perth/Australia in 3 weeks, hence I would like to loose about 3.5kg's in this time.

Optislim is cheaper than CD I think but I'm nervous about it. I know that I could do CD 3 products and a meal with celery and an apple for snacks.

Any thoughts people??

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