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Orange plan

I've never heard it called the orange plan before!


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red and green mixed together is brown, it should be called the sh&* plan because it made me put on 3lbs lol

Princessria you must have been doing the Extra Easy plan wrong as I have lost 1 stone 10lbs in three months on it. Reread the booklet and check with your consultant on the rules. One thing that helps to speed the weight loss is to have your dinner plate one third full of Superfree foods. You can do this at every meal but I've just done it at dinner and lost weight. I haven't even tried the red or green plans yet. Give it another try and you will be surprised at how easy it is.:)


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i wasn't doing it WRONG at all it just didn't work for me, some diets just don't work for people it didn't agree with me at all, i did speak to my consultant and she suggested because red and green had worked so well for me perhaps i go back on that! It doesn't matter what you have lost i practically live on green days and i have lost a stone and a half other people try green days and they don't lose at all. I think extra easy is a great idea and i understand it completely it is just not a diet that works for me in the long run.
ha orange plan I like it!princessria I wouldn't worry about it not every plan suits every one, hope you loose the 3 pounds ( I couldn't do a red day I tried and ended up having a pasta binge so I stick to EE)


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i'm not worried hon i was just making a joke bout it being a brown day, i'm the same with red, i get ravenous with it and end up cheating hehe 3lbs is not alot i put it on over three weeks though am hoping after a week of green this week it will be off by wed who knows maybe the change will have boosted my weight loss XXXXX


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Yeah, it's weird, people at my class doing EE, some lose and some gain, I'm to scared to try it at the moment, and I dont think I could give up 1 of my healthy extras, like my bread and cheese too much :D
I second Princessria - I did EE and it didn't agree with me either! :)


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i really missed my hextras XXXX i think it's great if it works for you but i have tried every diet under the sun and i'm at that point were it's hard to lose weight because i'm not that far off my target really so i can't loose loads of weight in a short time anymore.


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I think if you're happy with what you're on and you're losing well then no point in changing. I've started back this time on EE and I'm losing better than I ever did. Red days left me hungry, green days I didn't lose! This combination suits me down to the ground so I'll be sticking with it.


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I like the EE plan...I'm losing weight more slowly than when I was doing Red days, BUT, I find it easier, I'm more relaxed on the plan and my weight loss is not a race ;) - it took 39 years to get this big so I'm happy if it takes a while on the scenic route to get it off again :)

Saying that, I know a few people at my class whose diet sheets are spot on for EE and they gain...not every plan suits everyone and the trick is to find out what works for you and then stick to it! (In my case, that means not eating loads of chocolate :p )


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I find that EE is a great maintenance plan.

That's not a great advert for it as a weight loss plan, but it does great for me at the stage I am at :D


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
yeah i agree ee is a great way of maintaining when your at plan and i think that they would do well to market it that way. the moral of the story is this ladies everyone is different and if you find something that works it doesn always for someone else find your own way with it but more important than any of it i think being happy with what you are eating is the main thing if your diet is making you miserable and hungry it just isn't going to work.


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I agree with Angie and Ria, it doesn't work for me if I do a full week of it and want to lose weight but I maintain great on it.

I think for newer members (like the maid) then it will work great, however, for us "old school" members then it's a bit difficult to get our heads around and we are used to both A's and B's. I reckon we probably have more red/green than those just starting out as we are used to having whole meals made from red/green foods with a little bit of the other. Does that make sense? It does in my head anyway!!!

Plus...... SW do say if your losses slow down and you want a boost then switch to red and green plans as it's more measured.

There's no denying that there are great weight losses on EE but it's not for everyone, just like some people feel bloated on green days and so do more red.

Rambling now, but hope this makes sense!!!

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