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original day 1st day on sw panic!!

i have just eaten 8 slices of bacon fat trimmed off i was starving and feel so guilty!! + 3 poached eggs and a good 2 tablespoon cottage cheese low fat!!!
i am panicking cause i am used to cal counting of around 1000 a day and am worried that if i eat more than that i'll gain weight because i feel like i have just binged and indulged !! :cry:
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Hey! Don't associate calorie counting with SW... it will confuse you chick. You're doing slimming world and what you have just mentioned seems fine! So carry on :)
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Thats great!!!! On Slimming world the whole point is to eat!!
Rule 1. Plan what you are going to eat, even snacks, it will help you stay on track
Rule 2. Never go hungry, if your hungry something is wrong. eat an apple or a bannana or a muller light or a mug shot or anything that is free :)
Rule 3. make sure you fill in a food diary, i slipped and ended up pilling on the pounds as i forgot about the biscuits and lollies and cakes i was eating. oops.

So far so good to me!
Keep up the good work!


Onwards and downwards!
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I remember when I first started SW I thought there is no way I will lose weight because I'm actually allowed to eat proper food! But it totally works and I was amazed when I went to my first weigh in. Mugshots are great because most of them are free on green days. You can buy them from Asda, I think in the section with like dried couscous and pasta and soups, or there abouts. You just add water and its ready in 5mins. Lovely and filing. I like the chicken noodle and tomato and herb pasta ones. :)
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Mugshots are like pot noodles you make in a mug. Can get them in any supermarket and they're all low syn or free on green/EE I think.


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ive been with sw since jan i do green days and still dont understand how i can loose so much wait eating so many carbs :8855:


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lol eat away, and enjoy! lordy knows how it works cos it really shouldnt! i am a pasta fiend and i really do test the SW theory of free food and i'm glad to say its not wrong :D

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