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Original, Green or Extra Easy???

Hi there,

It's been great reading through all your posts and sucsess stories.

Please help I re-started SW last week and have been following the extra easy plan. I have found it hard to get my head round as in the past I have followed the red or green days. Has anyone else found it hard?

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Im still doing mix2max as I am not organised enough to do just one thing all day, and I like having 2 hexb's.
While it continues to work I will stick with it!


Never gets tired of SW!
I can see why people who are used to red and green want to stick with what they know, but for me EE is just amazing because I can make practical meals for myself and my dh without too much thought, apart from obviously what's going in them!! I do a lot of pasta and meat dishes, curries with rice, risottos with prawns/other fish, bangers & mash, chicken, prawn, pork or beef stirfries which I love with noodles, jacket potatoes with tuna, cooked breakfasts of eggs, free or low syn sausages and baked beans, chicken, SW chips and mushy peas, curry & SW chips, steak and Jacket or SW chips and peas, the list is endless really and whilst I can do the odd green/red day from time to time, I just find EE fits in more easily with my lifestyle/tastes! I can't really see why people find it so tricky- as long as you just have 1 each of HEXs and make sure you put plenty of veg/fruit with your meals you're sorted!x
Thank you guys. You have all done amazing so it must work.

I will keep at it and see how i get on tomorrow night at wi.

Keep at it & i hope you all have a good week.


Lover of Extra Easy
Good luck!
I first did SW years ago, and reached target doing red and green but fell off the wagon then and a few times since. I found EE perfect for me and really easy. It does seem too good to be true but it does work!
I know some people do find it hard to get their head around it after doing red & green but those I know who did try EE do enjoy it.
So, see how it goes. You may be pleasantly surprised.
Hiya, I only do EE now. Have done red and green in past but fail on them as find they are not 'real life' enough to stick to long-term. EE is just like normal eating, except the weight drops off! I am confident I will stick with this for life and plan to keep going to Class as support.

I really don't want to have to lose the same two stone again (and again and again and again!). All the best.

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