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OT - Dancing On Ice


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Who saw that coming????

Donal skating Bolero!

Honestly thought it would be Jessica and Ray. Mind you much rather watch Donal skate again than Jessica ;) ;) lol

I actually think Donal could pip Ray to the crown ya know !!!!!!

Although, Ray To Win!!!!!!!!!!! :D lol
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lol missclare!

Yeah i think its repeated in the early hours of the morning chick :D


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Whoooo hooo! Ray won! But have to say I thought Donal was brill too!


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oh clare!!!!!!!!! he's hot!!! mind you i thought donal was hot too lol
and not in the slightest cringeworthy lol

Glad he won :D
do u really think hes hot? i still reminds me of anthony murray in brookside lol!!!!
the only good thing i like about him his is muscles on his arms!!! hehe!!!! xxx


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HELL YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! ;) lol The accent is the icing on the cake - love it! lol

I never watched brookside ......................


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lol!!! Nothing wrong with the scouse accent! :D
Oh no to Ray - he's far too cocky and conceited. I wanted Donal - there's something quite hunky about him :)


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haha donal is hunky i agree! ;) but ray's ma man! haha


It really does work! :)
Watched it last night...thought it was quite funny when Jessica didn't get through, she looked so convinced in herself she would with a smug look. Her partner Pavel, didn't look so convinced and he was right.

Glad Donal got through though, I thought he was genuine all the way through, not too cocky at all (unlike Ray), so good on him. It was good to look back at when he started in the series and to the end as to how much weight he'd lost....obviously ice-skating works wonders! :)

It was good that Ray went all the way, at least I got to watch Maria! hahaha.....

Think it's only fair us guys can comment on the contestants too! :)

As far as the ladies go, it was Zoe all the way for me....love the accent! ;)

As for the stars, well, take your pick.....Kristina, Darya, Maria...come to think of it...all of them! :eek:
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lol maj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Donal was definitely hunky and after his 40lb loss looked amazing.
But then again, the muscles on Ray were nice to look at - not after a toyboy though lol.
Well, cocky or not, Ray was head and shoulders (lol) above everyone else this year.....D'you think he'll be asked to take part in the Olympics in 2012 ??????

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