OT: Don't know what to do.


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On another forum that I frequent I've made a few close friends, especially when I broke up with my ex.

One of these friends is a lovely guy who really helped me through my break up, he's a complete sweetheart. Either November or December of last year his girlfriend of a couple of months proposed to him, and he then took her to New York and proposed properly at Christmas. This new gf of his is absolutely lovely, and every time I spoke to him (and sometimes to her through him) they were both so happy!

I had a text today from one of my other friends, who I'm also very close to from the site, saying she couldn't believe what had happened. I text her saying that I didn't know waht she was talking about and she rang me.

Apparently his gf was in a car accident on Friday and died. I went to work to keep myself busy, but they sent me home (Mondays I do something in which if I make a mistake, it costs us money). I can't get hold of him, and he hasn't told anyone else yet that we know.

I'm so worried about him, and so upset about her - she was so lovely and young.
Hey Sparkle

I am so sorry to hear that, its terrible, you just never know. Hope you get in contact with him soon. Let us know anyway. Hope you are ok.

Hi Sparkle,

My heart goes out to you and your friend this is so very sad... it is heart breaking to say the least.

I hope you can contact him soon.

Lighting a candle and saying prayers as we speak.

Love Mini xxx
sparkle thats so awful. life is so cruel sometimes. hope you get in touch with your friend soon and that you are both ok. thinking of you both. xx
Oh Sparkle

I am so sorry to read of the tragic events that have happened. My heart goes out to you and family of all concerned.

I hope you can get in touch with your friend and pass your condolencies on. I am sure he will be in touch soon but must be so in shock with whats happened.

Thinking of you and your friend at such a heartbreaking time.


Deb x
Hi Sparkle

THis is such terrible news, I hope you are able to get hold of your friend soon and let him know that you are there for him.. its such an awful thing to happen, I can't even begin to imagine it
Sparkle - sos orry to hear about your friends girlfriend. I know you must be worried that he has not contacted you - but everyone deals with grief differently. I do hope he contacts you soon and he is ok.

Thinking of you - take care and don't forget you can always come on here and share if you are feeling low. (((hugs)))
Thank you all for your support.

I'm talking to him now, on MSN (he lives on the mainland, I don't. Probably easier then actually talking at this point).

He's so broken up. I just want to fix it all for him, but I can't. All I can do is be there if he needs me, and then all I can do is listen.

It's so heartbreaking having someone you care about go through something like this.
Oh hun, I send prayers and thoughts to you and your friend, we are here if you need us x
don't know whatelse to say other than what has been already said
((((((hugs n love)))))