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OT: Hair dilemma

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Ok...brief background (for those who don't know, which can't be many of you as I do go on about it a bit!)

I am bridesmaid at a wedding the weekend after next.

This is my dress:

Now, the bride and other bridesmaid both have chin-length hair and are just having it blow dried sleek on the day. My dilemma is this. Should I go with the style of the others and just have my hair down and simple (my hair is long and I have a fringe...well, a partially grown-out one! I still haven't decided if I'm getting it trimmed for the wedding yet) or should I have an up-do, which I think would suit the dress. And I never have my hair up, so it'd be different for me! So that would be nice. But I feel like I should stick in keeping with the other girls and just have simple hair.

Ramble ramble. What do you think?
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omg sorry the dress pic is so huge!
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Have you discussed with the bride? An up-do sounds lovely but I know a lot of brides want all their BM's looking similar.

That dress is gorgeous - you lucky thing, last time I was a BM I wore a hideous green tartan 'thing'! (and the couple getting wed weren't even scottish)!



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hair up always looks sophisticated (think I spelt that right!!) -and it will elongate your neck to make you look slimmer around the face. It's up to you but when I got married my bridesmaids had different hair styles and one had up one down and both looked great. Is the bride fussy? maybe ask her opinion if she wants you all to be the same
Why not have it up but in a simple chignon (sp???) or french pleat (not plait but one of those roll type affairs?)
This would look simple but also stylish, and you are quite right, it would really suit the dress too.
Also, agree with the others, what does the bride think?
The dress is fab btw, very grown up!


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1 - AMAZING dress...love it!

2 - I agree, maybe ask the bride - she may not mind you having an up-do, in which case go for it as it will suit the dress! Just check with the bride that it isn't a clash with her hair (i.e. same style). Some brides can be uber strict and others are pretty open. The only things I'm telling my girls is: same colour dress, same colour shoes, same jewelry (which is their gift from me) and same flowers. So, basically, I am letting them pick their own dresses and shoes (the dresses will be an exact match from a range, and hopefully the shoes won't be far off as going for silver strappies). So, I don't care what they do with their hair - I feel it's important they all feel comfy in themselves. It may happen they all like similar stuff, so I get them the same gear, but I'm easy!


Yes, up-do would be perfect. But ask the bride and run it past her 'incase' and go for it. If you DO have to have it down, why not get a nice decorative hair clip/alice band to keep it from face etc?

Send us a pic after the day - not only do I want to see you all glammed up, but I might get some ideas for my wedding ;-) hehehehehehe

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The bride is really relaxed and happy for us to have whatever we want.

I just don't want to look really fussy when the others are ultra-simple. A modern french twist is exactly what I was thinking.

Leapfrog - I like your thinking but there's no way I could do my own up-do! It would have to be down all the time or up by the hairdresser then I could let it down later.

I like these

and Kate Winslet's version here
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Oh there will be pics Sticky! You betcha :D
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Oooooh I'm loving the one on the right!

Happen you could get the hairdresser to put it up for the service and then have it down for the night do (if its getting on your nerves/giving you a headache ... or is that just me)!?!?


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Oooo I like the one with the tag 'lanvin' - very classy/simple/stylish. Though all 3 are gorgeous!

Hellie + dress + up-do + classic make-up = STUNNING Hellie squared/Awsome Bridesmaid ;)

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It will be fine - I am sure I'm worrying unduly! It's nice to get opinions though. I think as long as it's simple and chic rather than fussy up (you know loads of twists and curls) then it will fit the overall style of the wedding and I won't stick out like a sore thumb! LOL!
Def the one on the right with a lovely long bit a the front like kate's. This is what I have in mind for when I get married (on the twelfth of never!!)
You gonna look lovely Hellie! xx


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I've been looking at hair doos for a wedding quite a lot recently and think this is my personal fave - very elegant. Ps good on the bride choosing such wonderfully sexy dresses for her bridesmaids.

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The lanvin picture is gorgeous! I would opt for that and spruce it up with a bit of those sparkly hair grips.
I love the dress...very flattering!

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