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My kitten has just brought me in his first present: a live mouse. When I shouted at him to get out, he dropped the mouse, and it ran under the fridge freezer. Useless cat!

So, my question therefore is:
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Whoops! Mine bring me birds. Personally, I'd leave your kitten in the kitchen with it, so if your kitten can get it out. Or try and creat some kind of runway to your door and start shifting the fridge about, see if it'll come out.
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Mice like chocolate!! .. drop some on the floor and it should come out.. then box it and throw it! lol x


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I didn't know about the chocolate thing. But thanks for the suggestions.

But... I ended up moving EVERYTHING in the kitchen, but I couldn't see it. So, I just shut the door to the rest of the house so it couldn't come in and left the back door open so it could get out.

Just walked into the kitchen, and it would appear the plan half worked. The poor little thing was lying slightly deceased on the door mat. I'm guessing it was making its break for freedom and one of the cats found it. :(

But it kind of solved my problem, but I'd have preferred it to get out alive.

Remind me again, why do I have cats?!!


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Because they are so cool. My two are asleep in the bedroom right now, looking so cute! They're old ladies and we don't have a garden anymore so no pressies for me - altho I have had a couple of birds captured on the terrace, so theres life in them yet (altho sadly not in the birds :wave_cry:).

When I first got them, Hattie brought me a bird one morning - dead, thankfully. I rewarded her, because it's a thing of love, and buried the bird in a shallow grave. Ten minutes later, her sister had brought the damn thing back, dropped the soily body at my feet and then trotted off in search of her reward :eek:

Love the avatar


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Aaaw. I love cats, I want one but am terrified of it getting run over as we live in a really rural village with no street lamps.

At least the mouse came out and didn't crawl off to decompose somewhere where you wouldn't find it for months :D
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haha cats are funny..

i didnt know about the chocolate thing either.. saw it on hollyoaks a few days back and thought it'd help ;) haha .. full of usful facts is hollyoaks lmao.

glad ur mice-free now.. shame about it being dead and all tho lol xxx


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Oh the joys of having an indoor cat!!! The chocolate thing does work though, we had a mouse and neither the cat or dog were capable of getting it, so I got a humane mouse trap, tried cheese - NOPE, peanut butter NOPE chocolate - yep it loved that!!!
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oh gosh, reminds me of when my cat was younger we woke up to find the cat on our bed chasing something, I screamed and ran off and hubs chased the cat and a full grown wild rabbit round the bedroom and amazingly the rabbit lived to tell the tale, but how on earth did the cat get himself and this whopping rabbit through the cat flap!!!


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We're having a bit of trouble with our cat. She's not a year old yet but last month she bought a bird home. Still alive. She had it in her mouth and she was growling at me, as I reach out to her she let the bird go so I chased the cat upstairs and shut the door and then had to coerce a bird which was scared to death out the front door. It ripped my new voile curtains and got a little blood on them, so I wasn't happy.
Then about 2 weeks ago she was in the front room playing with a dead mouse. She ran of with it in her mouth and we found it 2 days later under the hoover :confused: not sure how it got there.
Last week OH came home and there was a little fluffy duckling in the living room. He chased the cat off and returned the ducky to the river. We hope it found it's mother again. :rolleyes:

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