OT - hope you don't mind - my little girl


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Hope you don't mind me sharing these photos.

I was trying to get a decent photo of Isabelle to get printed off to give to grandparents for Christmas. She is three and is not the most co-operative child when I get my camera out LOL

These were the result.

Cheek of the Devil...


God only knows what the expression means here LOL

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She is just gorgeous! They will love them, she obviously has a great charachter which is captured in those pictures


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aw lovely pictures she is adorable :)


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shes gorgeous, very lke you, especially in the second photo x


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She is a beautiful little girl - I'm sure her grandparents will love the photos.


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she is beautiful, they are lovely pics im sure the grandparents will love them. my girl is nearly 4 and its soo hard to get a good pic out of her cuz she keeps moving. ive made my mum a calender i got it on photobox and put in a diff pic for each month of the yr. it turned out really well :)


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Thanks everyone :D She is a lovely kid really but does have the devil in her!! She is a real character and makes everyone laugh with a very quick humour for a 3 year old. It's probably because I have two older kids and she's growing up in a pretty much adult world (apart from school etc)

I don't see that she looks like me, but I guess that's because I live with her LOL. Our entire family has a strong resemblance, even my brothers and thier kids. If you put us all in a room, although we don't all look THAT alike, you would definately know we were all part of the same family.

This is a photo of my eldest. A friend of mine let us use his photography studio for the day. This is Eve (she's 23)


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What gorgeous girls you have!
My little one loves the camera too!!! She's 3 as well.....must be that age!


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what a cutie


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They are a credit to you. Lovely pictures. xxx