OT: Snow


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I know what you mean I am fed up with the snow now and my son has not been able to get back to school since christmas due to this weather and it is still snowing now.................arghhhhhhhh


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Sounds like you're both having a nightmare with the weather - I hope it improves!!

We're quite lucky, most of it has melted on the roads but numpty husband's car had a dead battery this morning so I had to walk Ella to nursery, with the dog on the icy paths - not fun when we're rushing!!

I hope your day gets better.


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All our snow has melted it's now just cold windy and wet


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Hasn't stopped snowing here all day grrrr!! Main roads ok but back roads are slippy xx


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Here here... NO MORE SNOW!! GO AWAY!!


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ours has mostly gone now but it feels strangely colder than it did when it was -12 last week. Kids went back to school on Monday but i just want to stay in with the heating on and eat something really stodgy.