OT - Sympathy please (not serious!)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
How was I to know that there was muscles in your thighs??? I just thought it was flab!! Lol
Bloomin Wii Fit!!! After 35 mins Monday, 40 Tuesday, 40 Wednesday and 1 hour jive last night I can hardly walk!!! :8855:

Sympathy for the one with a Wii related injury please?!!!
Ha ha big sympathy to you. I love my wii fit but have just bought a mini tramopline this week and my thighs are killing me too. At least we know its working xxx
I had to sell my Wii as i was so strapped for cash over Christmas, AND i wanted a Wii fit too, so no sympathy from me. Lol.
Aw poor you! I'm sure new muscles are added while we are sleeping just to catch us out!
Think of it as GOOD pain :8855:
Lol, thanks all.
Brittany sorry to hear about the Wii, you are more than welcome to come to my house and use mine at any time.
I have a mini trampoline as well and I am now able to use it again as I was originally too heavy...Daughter uses it more than I do! Lol
lol - hope the muscles ease soon xx

I'm glad I live in a downstairs flat. I dread to think what the neighbours would think if I lived upstairs.