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OT - Tunisia


Life is not a Rehersal!
hahah - no Mary, any good :)

we are thinking of going away for our 10th wedding anniversary to somewhere different, as Turkey isnt always a holiday for us!!!!!! We will probably not go to Turkey in the summer and go over christmas/New Year instead...but, eh, could all change!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Had a look at trip advisor last night as I found a great 5 star hotel in Tunisia! The reviews were 4-5 star so that is good, only prob is that the weather isnt brill (not the way we like it) in November, so think we might go later in September!

Think I will wait and do a late deal with all this ash business as I dont want to book and then be disappointed :)

Thanks for the links Mary; didnt know about the other one..will have a look!
Hi Iris
I’ve been to Tunisia in November before and although its warm, its not as warm as I like it and the sun had literally gone by 5.30pm. I stayed at a 5* in Port El Kantaui (sp?). The hotel was lovely but the food wasn’t really 5*……more like 3 or 4*.
The place is really pretty although it is purpose built for tourists. There is a lovely square with bars and restaurants and the prices were about the same as the uk.
We went into Hammamet and I thought this place was very much like Turkey with the little shops in narrow alleys and EVERYONE trying to get you to buy from their shop. This was more like the ‘real’ Tunisia than what Port El Kantaui is.
Beaches are lovely and really clean.
Only down side for me was the local men - they do leer at you and they make no effort to hide that fact they’re doing it.
Hope this helps!! x


Life is not a Rehersal!
Thanks Skinny!! That is a GREAT HELP......looked at Riu Palace Hammamet Marhaba hotel!! So, that is good to know that Hammamet it is a bit more quaint!

That is the thing with food and we are going all inclusive as well.....might have to look at different times; last thing I want on hols is to be COLD!!!

I will have to set the DH on them men leering..hahaha.....
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Hey Iris.
Havent been myself but my best mate has. She went last year in the may. She said it was soooooo hot that they just couldnt sit out in the midday sun. She didnt really enjoy it. She got sunstroke whilst there. Her ex got ill from the food.

My mum and brother have also been and they too got ill from the food .....

So personally i wouldnt go! LOL!!!

Go to barbados or somewhere else in the caribean around sept time of year i reckon it will be nice and warm :)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Thanks Tanya

This is one thing that worries us and why we go to 5 star hotels usually because of food, but mostly food preparation and cleanliness...it worries the OH terribly!!!! We VERY SELDOM eat out for this reason unless we really know the place. I am not so worried but he is :)

I must confess that I would love to be away for our actual anniversary and would love somewhere like the Maldives, etc.....this is what I would really love so that we are ABSOLUTELY guaranteed lovely, hot weather..hhah.....

Will keep you posted but I dont think I will prebook with this ash situ...think I will wait and get a late deal!


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When is it your actuall anniversary Iris?x


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awww sweet!

Defo think about the maldives etc then.... or even Australia/nz is starting to heat up around then too! :)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Aust/NZ too far.....I would prefer to have 3 or 4 weeks if doing that far and dont think I could afford the time..unfortunately.

Canary Islands - thanks Mary!

Oh, I feel I am going round in circles.....I looked at Egypt and then the reviews were saying that the tipping really puts people off and that is even in a 5 star hotel! Someone didnt get their bed made because they hadnt tipped!!!!!! So, now that has put me off!

Watch this, we will end up going to Turkey :)))) hahhahah...

We have been chopping and changing our minds for months now!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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NO Iris! You are not allowed to go to Turkey!! :giggle:

Egypt ... my friend went and had a brilliant time! Nothing like that at all .. she went to sharm el shek (sp?) the only thing she mentioned about it was that she went to move a trolly with suitcases on and one of the bell boys shouted at her saying "women no work" :giggle:


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Mary!!!! stop influencing her! :rotflmao:


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hahahha!!! :giggle:

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