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*OT* Twilight

Resident Freak posting ;)

I just wondered if anyone else was obsessed with the Twilight film/books like me?

I know I have started something with Kiira :p and we are now in healthy competition over Edward :p

I adore the film and have now watched it no less than 12 times! And I read all 4 books within a few days (about 5?).

I just think there is something really hot about being a vampire :ashamed0005: and virtually ALL of the guys in Twilight are HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

I was talking to a friend on Facebook last night and she thinks my DH and I are freaks :p Cos I like all the guys and my DH fancies Alice ;) LOL

I can`t wait until New Moon comes out in Nov (next movie).

Sooooo...Am I the only weirdo here? :p


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i'm with you on that omggggg they are hot , vampires are hot i wish i was a vampire and i wish i could have edward , ill win him , wait till im walking around in size 10 (haha yeah rite) ill steal him hahaha.. xx
Haha I`m older = more experience ;) *rRr*

Jeez, I`m in competition with you for Edward and my daughter for Jasper! You lot are just RUDE!!!! :p

OT means off topic :) x
HAHA @ Sausage Jockey!!!
I agree that there is something about John Barrowman, he is sooooo charismatic. I dont know anyone that doesnt like him.

Would love to have a few drinks with him.

Dont watch twilight sorry x
i want i want i want!!! jacob , james and EDWARD hmm purley innocent of course i just want to make them a meal haha.
i want i want i want!!! jacob , james and EDWARD hmm purley innocent of course i just want to make them a meal haha.
As much as I luv ya, James & Edward are mine ...

As are Carlisle, Jasper, Charlie and Laurent ;)

haha look at you with that trailer i bet you watch the trailer at least 20 times a day ;) x
haha nah nah you cant have them ALL.. pick one ;) x
haha nah nah you cant have them ALL.. pick one ;) x

I`m greedy :p

You can have Jacob ;)

I have bought Twilight on DVD tonight so that I can watch it in bed :D Only had it on Blu-Ray before which meant I could only watch it downstairs :rolleyes:

your crazy , when i come to ures im gunna prob see 20 dvds of twilight all the same :p..

jacob is very much my type and a wolf so mhmmm ill take him rwarrrrr.. xxx
Haha I only have 2 copies :p

But yeah, We`ll HAVE to watch it when ur done! :D

ladies LADIES!!!!

lolz iv not seen twilight but i think i might check it out.. im sure it has a great STORY LINE! as you guys have been promoting it! lol

i idnt know this was gona have more parts and there are books? are they anything like harry potter? I loved the harry potter books!
Haha Sona, We`re only playing :)

Twilight is the first book of 4 -

Twilight - Book 1
New Moon - Book 2
Eclipse - Book 3
Breaking Dawn - Book 4

The author was writing another book from Edwards PoV (Twilight is from Bellas PoV) but some idiot leaked a draft of it and she was so upset she has put it on hold :(

It is essentially a love story about a human girl - Bella who falls in love with a Vampire boy - Edward and the things they have to overcome (for one he wants to eat her!! lol). It isn`t gory like most ppl think cos of it being about vampires.

I have never read Harry Potter as it doesn`t interest me but my DH said Stephanie Meyers (Twilight author) writes in the same way and he suggested me reading HP as I loved the Twilight books so much.

Incidentally, Edward in Twilight is the same actor who played Cedric Diggory in the HP film ;)

It really is an awesome film, And the books have you hooked!!

The film for the second book comes out in November and I can`t wait to see it!!

LiSe Xxx
thanks LiSe im going to look in to this..
may read the books first then watch the movie if it interests me!!

:) dum dum just giving my love to this thread!!
I have just watched it for the 17th time!! :rolleyes: :D

I adooooooooooooooooooore this film SO much!!! :heartpump:

Edward just gets more and more gorgeous every time I watch it!! :character00100:

I don`t think I will ever get bored of it, I am watching it at least once a day at the moment :p

I soooooo can`t wait for New Moon to be released in November! :D

/waffle over :p

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