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Hi, can any of you tell me if this is something that happens often or just what my husband does!?!

My husband is very supportive of my diet, or so he says! I do know he wants me to be happy and wants a family which means me loosing weight. We have had lots of talks about CDC and how it works etc - ie no food on SS etc. and that i could do with him not offering me any food, eating nice things infront of me etc.
when i started i told him i wouldnt be able to do it if he didnt support and help me stick to it and not try and talk me into 'just a little bit' of something.

The first few days are usually ok but then he starts to say, oh well that wont hurt will it? would you like some of this? or go on just have a small bit! And he even comes home from the shop with treats for doing so well!!

I know i am a grown woman and can make my own decisions but it is so hard when he says would you like abit - in my head im thinking YES i would like abit but NO i cant have it BUT i WANT it so im going to have it! Id much rather he didnt offer or even talk about it!

Am i being mean to my husband or should i have yet another argument about what it means to be supportive??

Lisa x
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Is your husband overweight himself? Could it be that unconsciously he is trying to sabotage you because he has an issue with his own weight?

It could be though that he thinks that he is being kind by offering you a treat and it may take some gentle persuasion that a massage ;) or a nice walk somewhere would be a more appropriate treat.
S: 17st7lb C: 16st0lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 1st7lb(8.57%)
He is slightly overweight but has a very active job so is loosing it all the time now. He has huge portions of bad food at every meal.

Im sure i will get over it soon enough! Im going to have a chat with him about treats, a bunch of flowers would be alot better for me! Or a donation into the new clothes fund for when im at my target weight!!



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S: 22st10.5lb C: 19st1.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41.9 Loss: 3st9lb(16.01%)
Oo yeah I love a bunch of flowers me! I've just about trained hubby not to buy flowers at petrol stations!


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S: 22st10.5lb C: 19st1.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41.9 Loss: 3st9lb(16.01%)
Also - keep in mind that he may be thinking once you are smaller you may up and leave and exchange him for a newer model! He may feel a bit insecure about it.

I know my husband asked me if I was planning to lose weight to leave him. Idiot!
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ha ha! yes weve had that chat too! He knows im not going anywhere but he was quite upset that the first place and most noticable that i lost any weight was boobs area!


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Mine actually barricaded me in the living room one night so I wouldn't sneak to the kitchen !!! I cook him and the kids tea everynight and he will say it's awful this (joking) to stop me wanting any !

I wouldn't have got this far without him and this forum.

The thing is your hubby loves you for you and he probably doesn't realise that saying just have a little might throw you off target.

Just explain to him how you feel, he sounds like a nice husband and I am sure he will nip his tempting comments in the bud !


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And he even comes home from the shop with treats for doing so well!!

Ah, now this reminds me of other diets, when I was on WW on weigh in day I was straight to the chip shop to 'reward' myself for being good all week - thus still using food as some kind of thank you to myself - which is the reason I became overweight in the first place !

Ask him if he wants to bring treats, you would love some new bubble bath, or a nice book etc ! Anything non edible !

My DD1 went to Cadbury World on Saturday, now Wine Gums to me are heaven and I previously ate many many bags a week ! Oopps !

So DD1 came back with bags of mishape chocs and lots of treats for herself, sister and Dad...........and brought me a Wine Gums Pen ! She said it is so I can do my puzzles (I have taken to going to bed with a puzzle book instead of Dortio's thanks to CD !


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I do sympathise with you, because my boyfriend can't quite get his head around the idea of me not eating.

I nearly had to eat on the weekend (I was desperate for tuna...!), but in the end i decided against it. And he did have a little outburst and said: "For God's sake just eat something!!" Which i thought was quite funny.

He didn't particularly want me to start this plan, but he's not starving, and I do cook dinner for him, and I make him is packed lunch for work, so he's in no way deprived. He does have to think a bit more about what he wants to eat, but that it's... he takes stuff out of the freezer in the morning for me to cook in the evening!!

He does sometimes slips up and says this is lovely do you want some? The looks i give him is enough to say that he's just made a BIG mistake by even asking me!!

I just laugh it off now. He knows he can't tempt me with food - nothing is worth breaking this plan for!

Keep strong!!

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I think sometimes they miss they social part of eating naughty stuff together and the sharing part of it I don't think they really think about what they are doing


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Poor you! It can be tempting enough some days anyway. Does he 'get' the whole ketosis thing, some people just have a hard time understanding exactly why you can't eat. Maybe its worth sitting him down for a mo and giving him a mini lecture. It sounds like hes trying to be supportive in his own way but is just a bit misguided!
My OH understands it but although he wouldn't say as much i get the feeling he thinks its 'just another fad' and nothing beats the whole'healthy eating and exercise' routine to lose weight. But, I found a pack of boots diet replacement powder the other day, he claimed it was for 'a friend at work' but then admitted it was his! Not used yet - he's still can't get himself round to losing weight although i know he would want to. I suspect he may become a secret convert, not that he'd ever let on....! xx

mrs bee

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My hubby is a bit like that as is my Dad, I don't think it is anymore than them feeling guilty and maybe a little awkward about eating etc or not offering me a biscuit with a cuppa etc!

They are both fully supportive and I think maybe they just find it hard to comprehend just how strict this diet is! Has your hubby read the literature that goes with CD? If not may be worth getting him to, or to read it again!


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I would just be very candid with him. No need for a row or anything, but he is not being supportive in the way that you need.
Perhaps if others tell you what they consider supportive and what their OH's do, you can show him this thread?
My BF buys food I hate, so that I won't want it.
He shuts all the doors and opens windows so I can't smell food cooking.
He's not had a takeaway in the months that I've been doing this.
He never complains that we don't go for meals anymore (used to go about twice a week).
He will try and coincide eating with me being out or having a bath.


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I'm very lucky in that my husband is the one that says no if I'm tempted, however, when I'm in the office I'm constantly getting people saying 'oh a piece of fruit won't hurt'

I don't think people realise that they could sabotage your diet with one simple comment.

How about setting up a swear box so that everytime he tries to get you to eat something, he has to contibute to the swear box that then becomes your new clothes fund?

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