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Ouch! Gained 9lbs in December...


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Oh dear. I really did fall off the wagon with a big thud, and as a result gained 9lbs over December. I really enjoyed myself, but now it is done I am (of course) wishing I hadn't been quite so silly.

But I am back, have bought a 12 week count down and from today I am back on the plan.

So I need to lose those 9lbs to get back to where I was, but I have realised this is my journey, I am not in a rush and as long as I get there, I'm not going to stress about how long I am taking.. much! ;o)

Hope everyone had a great time over Christmas. x
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Bears dont dig on dancin'
Me too!! 9lbs eh. Well, onwards and downwards!! I enjoyed myself. I don't regret it at all.I'm back on plan and getting rid of that 9lbs and some!! Good luck to you :) xx


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Why is it so so easy to put on and takes twice as long to take off? ;)

I enjoyed it too but know I'll love being back on the plan again.

Here's to us getting all that, and lots more lbs off in 2010 :D

Good luck!!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Hehe I know! It should be the other way round! My OH loses really easy grr!

It's funny because I feel like SW is normal to me, I couldn't wait to get on plan properly again. First WI is Friday (although myfirst day was on WW, so not sure if that will have made a difference as it was definitely not SW friendly!). Are you starting today? Xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Only 9lbs???? Try 16lbs and then you have a right to complain!!! eeek!!
Oh well I ate and drank (non-alcoholic) everything in sight from the beginning of December until yesterday!
Back on track and making amends for my shameful fall!


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Julianne_julz - Yep, I am starting today. I actually weighed in last Wed and got the countdown, so I won't have a full week on plan, but will be glad if I can even maintain rather than gaining any more! Good luck for Fri! Sure you can get some off by then :D

Mrs V - You can get it all off :) It's a big pain, but as long as you enjoyed it, don't fret! Today is a new day. Lets get those lbs off! :)


I will succeed!!!
Everyone is allowed a break at Christmas and so long as you had fun and get back onto it, no harm done other than a little set back.

I gained 4lbs, which isn't drastic I know, but it's going to take a week or so to shift that to get back on track. BUT, I was feeling stagnant before so hoping this is the break needed to carry on to target.

You'll be back to 'before' in no time hun...we all will. Hugs xxx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Of course we all will!!! I am 100% determined to shift it all and more this year as I did last year...it was wonderful having the break, but now knuckle down to it...looking forward to Christmas again and wearing a skimpier outfit than this one just gone! hehehe!


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My WI isn't until Wednesday and I've been back on plan fully since Friday so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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It's not about how much you put on when you were bad, it's about how much you're going to lose when you go back to being good again!!

That's what I'm telling myself anyay!! Good luck ladies!!



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I put on a couple lbs over the hols aswell but am fully to plan now, and hoping to get at least half of it back off in weigh in tom......we shall see.

Hope all goes well xx :)


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I gained 6lb! That was over the last 3 weeks so could have been worse I guess. Finding it hard to get back on track so not expecting much of a moss this week but I'll get there.

Good luck xx


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Happy new year everyone! I have been off plan for two weeks and dont know the damage yet. I feel at least half a stone has been put on although my aim was to not get to the stage where my clothes were tight as I am loving being a size 14 and I have managed to keep to this. Back to plan for me!


Gin and tonic please!
Hello Ladies!

I've been 'off plan' for two weeks, going to WI tonight to see the damage done. I feel like I've been eating constantly for the past two weeks, and I'm having my star week to add to the glory! Sigh.

Looking forward to getting back on plan anyway, and if nothing else I should *hopefully* have some great losses in the next few weeks!

Best of luck everyone! :D


I put on 8lb.
Last week at class (out of who stayed anyone) I was the only person who gained anything more than a pound, and even on here people were saying they'd maintained or, wait for it, LOST! Next year I want to be one of those people. But then, it was nice to go places and just join in without restriction too.

Oh well - we're here and doing what we can to put things right. We've done the hardest part in going back and facing the damage eh!