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is gonna shine in 2009
Right last time i was on CD i didn't get bunged up at all, so me big mouth spurts off oh i didn't get constipated. Well the pain this morning......and thats coming from someone who has had a 10lb 5 baby lol.

I've ordered some husk, please say they will keep me going so to speak lol.
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Hi Kirsty, they work for me, I make porrigde with them ever morning. Hope they work for you to.
hey hun they work for me too, just upped my dose of them to get me to move quicker though cus i not been having them every morning!

i know what you mean about giving birth i to had a 10 pounder! lol


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ohh, 10lb! mine was only 6lb 10oz, i feel for you guys!! x
dreadng the next one, they do say they get bigger ? but then again i was 18 stone when i carried her, and ate like no tommorrow! this time round i will be healthy! lol
i am feeling sick with it too, think i am going to opt for tablets from now on, give the husks a break for a year or 2! that porridge really has made me ill today! :( only cus i put to much in! made it to thick is the only reason! :)
was for me :( she cracked my pelvis too, never done a position like that before! lol all worth it though :)

my cousin had a 12 pound baby last year all natural too :)


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Can I join the 10lb baby club?!! My was a section, I'm a wimp lol!!
Amathyst, that's why I stuck at 1 not risking one even bigger lol!!!
I have the husk in tablet form cos the porridge stuff made me gag!!
Good luck the poos xx


is gonna shine in 2009
LMAO camille, thanks for the replies girls x
I have some husk in most shakes and thankfully they do work.

At least when you've given birth to a baby you have something cute to cuddle but once you've pushed out a Poo Brick the only pleasure is the sheer relief.

Can I also wholly recomend the Glycerine Supositries!!! Never thought I'd ever say that BUT OMG what a life saver. Pop one or 2 in have a nice long bath or go relax on your bed and let the oils help break down the blockage.

Best done when you don't have anything planned though:eek:


please try again
i use the capsule husks as i wasnt keen on the reports of slimy porridge

and 10lb babys!!! my wee girl only weighed 1lb 9oz and they had to give me an episiotomy just to get her out!


is gonna shine in 2009
i've had 4 babies, 2 were big and 2 small....first was 7lb 13 second was 10lb 5 third was 7lb 10 and last was 9lb 8 all natural lol

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