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Out goes 4 bin liners of clothes!!!!!


Cambridge Consultant
:) so happy!! Thought I better say goodbye to some clothes... its so hard.. as you kind of still want to hang on to things especially if they have labels on or have only been worn once!!!

Just wanted out!!! and I never want to see them or be that size again!...

Making way for my new wardrobe that Im going to get when I get to target!!!

I have so much room in my cupbords now...

Im very happy and want to get to target even more.. :):)
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I think that will be one of my next jobs to do and I'm really looking forward to it :D

Best do it soon as I have been buying a few bits from ebay so I need more room.

Annie x
How I wished I`d owned 4 bin bags of clothes !!!!!
Being 5ft and fat! clothes shopping was a major major nightmare that left me in floods of tears !!
I only ever had a few items. The only things I did buy were nighties, and then I got into the routine of staying in those on the days I wasn`t going out. How sad !

Now, although I`ve still got 2-3 stone to go, I`ve been happily buying a few bits and pieces that I LIKE-not because they are the only things that fit !!!!


likes posting.
Macy i used to do that wearing my nightie on days i didnt go out.I need to go to the charity shops as my clothes are very baggy & i dont want to spend a lot till i get to my goal.
Curly i bet it was a good feeling getting rid of the big clothes.Hope you enjoy buying the new smaller ones.
hey curly well done for making the plunge...
I do have some clothes in smaller sizes but to be honest i have bought them over the years hoping to fit in so with exception of one dress in a size 16, the others all look dated now....
I can't wait to get rid of my crappy clothing.. like others its always been such a chore to shop that when i have something to fit, I tend to wear it till it's more than dead!
Have you just gone down a size curly? what are you in now?
It feels so good doesnt it. I cleared a bin bag today and recyled them by giving them to my mum. Shes so happy to have a wardrobe and I like the space!


Stubborn tortoise
Well done... must be a great feeling. I gave some stuff away too, and felt so buzzed to be able to do that... and now I am fitting into lots of my old stuff, including some lovely vintage dresses I'd saved from my art school youth... it's like having lots of new stuff! Today I was up in Glasgow and tried on lots of size 14 dresses & they all fitted. A 14 is where I have longed to be! And one 14 was actually too big on top, kind of gappy round the sleeves & loose... what a feeling! You are doing so well Curly!



Put them on Ebay - may as well make the diet pay for itself!

That way getting slim is effectively free!
I recently did that and through out all my larger clothes! The way I see it is if my current clothes get tight, ill just have to eat a bit healthier for a while and up my exercise.. rather than just putting on my bigger clothes - i dont want that as an option!
yeah well done it feels good!

I have kept one pair of 18 trousers that I wore to the death to say don;t you ever fit again!!

Now in a 14 OMGGGG or next 16 lol


Absolutely Determined!
I can't wait to be able to post something like this!! I'm in a 24/26 at the moment and I have several things in 22, 20, 18 and 16 that I have bought over the years in anticipation of being able to wear them. Wow, I can't believe there is light at the end of the tunnel now and some of those unworn things may be seeing the light of day soon!
I have got rid of the clothes as soon as they are too big, i dont want to ever be able to be in the position where these trousers are too tight, i will wear those bigger ones :cry: been there done that !!
So while on CD I have gone from a 20 - 14 and normally i love clothes from Next, but during CD its a waste of money to spend £30 on jeans etc, so i have bought my clothes from Primark or Asda :D
Never paid much and always had the right size clothes, for the first time since my teens i now have a complete wardrobe all size 14 :eek:
I want to lose another stone, so hopefully all these clothes will still fit, as i have started shopping in Next and Freespirit again and would hate to put some of my new stuff in a charity bag :D

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